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Circle holes. This is the lightning radio post game report. Here's the voice of the lightning. Dave michigan. All the Carolina Hurricanes have been a shooting machine. This year. They played seven games now with that last shot from Williams they've hit forty or more shots in five of those. They do shoot the lightning tonight forty two twenty seven, but where it counts most on the scoreboard the lightning win four two to the game winner from Yanni Gord kinda early in the third period about seven minutes in on the power play. I think that Gord goal settled their game while we were talking about that off the air. And you're right. David after that power play goal, the lightning cheap to four. Check better. The passages still wasn't the greatest, but they Ford check better. And they put pressure on the Carolina Hurricanes defense and less time in the road in. Good point. Up until the very end. What Carolina applied suppressor, Melanie? Goalie and also remember that deeming save on the one after it was three. Yeah. That's right. That was a great shave. Not all ho gloves. I think yes, it was. Yeah. It was. Oh, we don't do that big moment of the game anymore. But that could have. Great candidate. All right. Well, let's get to your three stars brought to you by spectrum. My first stars Tyler Johnson. Of course. Three goals. He really plays wealth gets hurricanes. My second star Louis demeaning. I thought he was terrific out there. Tonight. And my third star. I give to Furland of the Carolina Hurricanes. I thought he and our our whole really good tonight for them. So we're just looking Furlan at five shots terrified and had four shots at.

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