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I could have said that uh about the phone calls we had from daryl in i'm and a little bit earlier today the phone calls have been fantastic eight five five two four two paul is the phone number you can hit me up on twitter peter burns that espn and the tweets have been strong as well to i feel like i feel like two hours i'm going to give us a minus i'm going to give us a modest so far i will probably screw it up for the rest of the way that's all right i'm gonna have fun doing it anyway randy we got a lot of headlines to talk about let's go ahead and show you danino scrape killer caskey to logovsky rather addis alabama football coaching staff craig was lit i mean this it'll kulakowski coach in the defensive line the what he did it missouri was nothing short of fantastic not that alabama as ever struggled is defensive line but that's going to be interesting you're gonna see danny dose as a quarterback coach kind of an interesting all season for dan of course he was calling the hogs offense in fayetteville took a job for like a week and a half up in ann arbor and now he's back in tuscany loose or he's down into us clues to mike lacoss lee is going to be the offensive coordinator that'll be interesting to see how that but listen it's wash rents repeat right i mean it it is kinda seem juicing alabama continuing to lose coaches and players yet they continue to have success is that changing with kirby smarten now would you look at jimbo fisher and gus malls on his new contract that's something that will be talked about an sec media days and that schedule has been announce other news that's going on never dole day here in this conference this dropped right before we started today show south carolina women's coach dawn staley files a lawsuit against missouri athletic director jim sterkcx now all couple of hours later greg sankie the commissioner of the sec had this to say while we appreciate a healthy level of competitive intensity on the court there is no place in this league for discord inside or outside of the arena i have had multiple conversations over the past few weeks with reps of bo schools about the problems emanating from their january twenty eight game in has been my desire.

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