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And telling you that i am the guy kicking back hi question people's character these meetings finger whoever drafts sam i'm going gonna be one lucky team is they're gonna get the best quarterback in the draft on jets rooting for walks off the field that is oklahoma headband on sweaty and just proved on the best quarterback i wish i had that confidence just for a day just one day confidence not like that that's different i don't know you don't think you're the best radio talk show host there is yeah that's that's boomer what you have said in the past before yes wait i'm the best radio talk show host at wfan i four the tournament last night syracuse arizona state and the orange wind up winning sixty two fifty six is they do advance in the first round texas southern one to beat nc central first round play the tournament the early action here on the fan we've got oklahoma rhode island at twelve fifteen right state plays tennessee at twelve forty and then there's a lot of games in and out while the coverage kind of inbetween cnbc is they will pick up games in progress and when games get tight a couple of the local teams you've got seton hall nc state at four thirty i own a playing duke at two forty five also villanova and radford today what else of note here pen in kansas that's the one sixteen is this the year we got a sixteen seat upsetting a one no no i'm not going to happen so pen will not win today no no absolutely not right and i'll take the quakers warriors beat the lakers jayhawk baby what'd you say it's ach chalk jay jay hawk careful with that one that's one that could very easily turn into something else i know that that's why i said it's slowly clearly herniated disk that's what gets people a lot a lot of time on tv oh yeah herniated something else.

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