Dr Faucher, Nail Salon, Governor Abbott discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


The leaves but when she ordered the opening in some of these more rural areas in Michigan. She said to people who don't rush up there and overwhelm the area. Why did her husband go up there? It's insane it is unbelievable. I've never seen anything like this. And another thing to be angry about. Cdc SUGGESTING CORONA virus fatality rate higher than the flu eight times lower than the models and the estimates from the experts that originally were projecting two and a half million dead. Americans have great Dr Voucher. I respect for Dr Faucher. He's dedicated his life to saving lives. But he's he he hasn't been it anywhere close to perfect in this. You Know Earl mid March saying you don't need to wear masks now. He's saying you have to wear masks. Then he changed his to now. He's back to you know while the second wave of. Kobe may never happen and mask. Wearing is Symbolic respectful okay. I would be my term but you do what you want. But they don't know what the hell they're talking about now. A lot of it is because China lied. A lot of it is. People made the best guests. They have this this is. This is art as much as science. Sometimes when you're in the early stages of this you gotta go with your gut here. They're the best person with the best gut ended up being Donald Trump travel ban quarantines teens Subsequent travel bans. They were impeaching him. At the time. You know the media sensationalism what they told the public that would happen and didn't happen and reality now. Look I'm pro-life. I believe every life is a gift from God and I want everybody healthy and and hopefully we'll going to learn the lessons that I outlined yesterday on the show because if we look at the states that were successful we can learn from governor Disentis we can learn from Governor Abbott and even governor camp who I was critical of early on. I thought the Tattoo Parlor idea opening up the nail salon was a little nuts. I was wrong on the Nail Salon. I still don't know about the tattoo thing. One of I know. Maybe they maybe they can cut out a an area where the guys just reaching under the plexiglas into that. I have no idea I wouldn't recommend getting a tattoo now. I don't WANNA put people out of work..

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