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Freeway expects in volume going out toward the case bridge with nothing really to write home about so you guys are looking pretty good I'm rob stallworth WTO P traffic Well let's find out how our forecast is shaping up on the Sunday afternoon Michelle Grossman at storm team for Well after a touch of spring yesterday it's gonna be closer to normal today really pretty though with lots of sunshine cooler and breezy wind out the northwest at 5 to 15 mph but they could guz hired around 18 and that's gonna make it feel a little cooler than it is A high of 50° today Tonight mostly clear and cold winds out of Southwest They'll be on the light side a low of 33 And then we continue the nice weather on Monday lots of sunshine milder winds out of southwest at 5 to 10 mph so we'll see highs in the mid 50s Even milder on Tuesday the sunshine continues high 59 even 60s in some neighborhoods Wednesday more clouds will call it partly cloudy sky is still mild Winds will be light with highs in the mid 50s I'm storm team four meteorologists Michelle Grossman Well temperatures warming up nicely We've hit 50 in manassas 48 in Frederick It's 50 in downtown D.C. brought to you by long fans 20% off savings on fences Dax and pavers Got a long fence dot com Schedule your free estimate today One 11 now and new technology has helped prince George's county investigators solve a 2017 cold case They're now hopeful it will lead to more arrests in other cases It's a case that might not have been solved without a unique set of resources for the first time investigators used for relative genetic genealogy to.

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