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The transfer program was created to Fortune Nation. It's funny to think that this could be the real secret to heart might actually work people fall in love for Carol after she metabol- everything changed. I started leaving the place change. Hold it a change. You know you have someone in the village his boyfriend he moves that. Hound show youth in the village. You tend to love the police. What did you discover discoverable complacent before. You hadn't see it's just a village. There isn't anything much. What do you love about it in all those those those people the the the I love people use mining the Adalah. Has They are loving people. I love Oh I love them. She became friends with the own of the smelly bar. She cooked for the soccer team. She was invited to be such a beauty contest. which is kind of a big deal in the village? She went to weddings and funerals. There was even a woman who gave her a piece of land. I have built out no way. I'm telling you know serious. The former Education Minister Unity. She dull she says what Carol experienced is actually pretty common and a big part of the program success. What happens when you put people around. Maybe eighty eighty percent will come back to India was they. They get marriage also like it's a mess of dating program. I don't know I mean like a government-sponsored government-sponsored. Dating thing like people go someplace. They fall in love. I wouldn't say that you joke but the truth is that just the nature of how humans move and climatize and call those homes.

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