Malaysia, Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim discussed on Monocle 24: The Monocle Daily - Friday 14 July


First of all to mullaly male online it's it's the election will elections away seem to get our economy the lost one the didn't but this this one in malaysia is is definitely getting ugly yes so this is sort of a heads up for the the election that has to be held by august next year said within the next year skating ugly already a's getting all you're getting argue ready so malaysia is very into his coalition's its office he had one coalition in power since malaysia became independent the the send us now and that the story here is the manhattan matin muhammed who was formerly the the prime minister of malaysia for twenty two years his now teamed up with his archenemy anwar ibrahim who's actually imprisoned for the second sodomy trial the he he went through arm and he's now teamed up with him an anwar ibrahim's wife to form this sort of and he's now the chairman of the opposition grouping on an apparently his so outraged by the current prime minister on dutta tree najib razak because of all of the harm apparent um problems with corruption and so on his his his been accused of a now that the knives arou on a never really attacking madsen muhammad on his his ninth two years old i think now is his thoughts about three more next question because i prefer not to think of myself as an old man but i can remember back when mahatir mohammad was a thorn in the side of my homeland prime minister paul keating and that seems like quite a long time that was a long time ago an hit already been a thorn in the side you know he was a bit of an enfant cerebal in in earlier on in in in easily he's not one for the coin retirement pay his his not i'm i i think he con hit is a bit of a backseat driver he's not allow his not able to have just let things go.

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