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Now not this kid because this was thirty years ago but he's going he's really really good as well and he's going to iowa state so that was sort of the the battle in that area oshkosh north against cocoon they were actually different divisions connor was a division down they were division to oshkosh north was division one and i think they both won the state title i know cook on it but albert i think was the kid's name from oshkosh they are producing some kids in that area now of obviously high level let's see i would give west virginian a minus it would it would could have been historic year if it wasn't for bad officiating another texture also an a minus can't go any lower with dachshund jc going doing giving absolutely everything on and off the court and let's see brendon firms i was thinking that he came from michigan but got hurt how is his status actually it was his brother michael ferns who started his career at michigan michael transferred to west virginia couple years ago sat out one year played the two thousand six seat teen season as a backup fullback played a good bit for west virginia but then decided to concentrate on academics he's an engineering major and did not play last year brendan came straight from saint clair zero high school is a very high level recruit he was going to play his freshman year in sixteen got injured played the first four games i think it was last year got injured jet again first year was a medical redshirt because it was a preseason injury last year counted and now as a redshirt sophomore fighting for certainly spot on the too deep in if not a starting job at the linebacker position he's a middle linebacker he and dylan tonkery your top to middle linebacker now dylan could play any of the three linebackers spots but if they decide brendan is one of their top three linebackers they'll move dylan out but if not then brendan will be your backup behind dylan tonkery so that's where that one is good show i know you probably can't answer on the phone but why wasn't the i m g network on the radio for phones ipads actually you know again i don't follow all the inner workings of the msn situation now.

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