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Teams lose upsets, including number three, LSU unranked, Wisconsin and four other ranked teams lose this was slaughter at out of the gates. And I think I don't I don't think it really registered to that level. Without laughter. The brightest opening blood week in college football history comes to us from nineteen ninety which was a crazy season. In journal. You had one champ that never wanna title before you at another champ that hadn't been at in the top ten at any point since nineteen sixty six. Eighteen different teams ranked in the top five at least once the most of any season ever. We looked up as part of our two thousand season package, which you should go read about on the internet. And like this is the season where like a team got five downs and that mattered a lot Virginia matter. This was a very stupid season. It was stupid from the very beginning. Which was actually a week Z actually before it got really stupid. There was a early upset sort of set the tone would come to Cirque circle back around to mattering by the end, which is a week zero kickoff game in Anaheim called the Disneyland pick skin classic. What could go wrong? What what about a tradition of unsatisfying sporting events happening in Anaheim stadium could possibly happen here. Well, I'll tell you. I support out first of all well, while we're talking about I would like to start this off by saying that people have always thought, and I have newspaper evidence, I've accumulated a researching this game people have always thought these weeks euro neutral site games, kind of bullshit. You can see you can look at a lot of the newspaper coverage both in. We're talking about Tennessee in Colorado, by the way, I should point this out Colorado ranked number five coming into the nineteen ninety season. Tennessee coming in ranked number eight this is the inaugural Disneyland pigskin classic played in mall country of Anaheim stadium and even back then people thought these games were kinda weird. You can see it referred to in newspaper coverage from both schools as a preseason game. Although I think both called by of wish that the sexually had been a free season game and the didn't end up counting. So the game ended thirty one thirty. One which is kinda funny. But in ties were ties were thing back then. And it's not as not as remarkable as it obviously would be today because they didn't take it into overtime. I applaud both teams for wanting to spend as little time in Anaheim as possible. So why did this matter? Colorado would end the season ranked number one they would be number five Notre Dame along the way along the way. They would also lose Illinois, which is weird Illinois was ranked number twenty one which makes it even funnier. And then follow that up by mmediately beating Texas in Austin sure, they would then beat Nebraska at Nebraska twenty seven to twelve and Brassica believe was ranked third at the time. So this was this game was more of a harbinger for a blood season for Colorado is what is what I'm really trying to get at for Tennessee. This was not this didn't end up affecting things a whole bunch. Tennessee would lose would go on to lose twice that season. The finish the a tie Auburn also along the way lost Bama and Notre Dame. I don't like the season. I don't like this season. At all all though, they did beat number nine Florida forty three to three because blood week can take a minute to work its way out of the. Bloodstream once the program becomes expose of Tennessee in Colorado would have another common opponent that season in Notre Dame. Tennessee loss Notre Dame. Not remember torn are into thirty four one the SEC deep Virginia the Sugar Bowl..

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