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Nice enough to join us now trying to doug o'neill who has Runners and two of the three kentucky. Derby points preparations this weekend. One at act wanted santa. Anita doug anthony and bobby here on race day. Thanks for some time this afternoon. Well thanks for having me on. I appreciate you guys to time. Kentucky derby winner the first one. You're gonna run Out here in new york and the gotham wipe. The slate comes in for random racing who owned both derby winners this sunday. nyquist First of all congratulations on the candidacy for the hall of fame. I guess that's what to kentucky derby wins. Kinda gets ya. That's what being part of a great team gets. Yeah no that's definitely a a team nomination and just honored to Be the ruck for for a team full of a lot of cool people. So i appreciate that you have this son of nyquist here in new york. Wipe the slate. He comes in for the first time Outside of southern california get thought you were getting away from that baffert guy. I would assume. Then he sends freedom fighter out here Talking about this horse a little bit he behind life is good. First time out certainly seemed to like the seven eighths and now he gets a one turn mile cutting back off that lewis feet. Yeah no you know. He's assigned nyquist to going and south and Why face always trained like a force with a lot of ability and a little bit on the headstrong side. So you know last femina bottles with the trying to go to the first time he just had a hard time settling and relaxing and and it just didn't go away but Pulling the blinkers off getting back to one. Turn how you doing so good. I think And we got kendrick moves. She's just really doing well he said. I've got to know him when i have to work. Sustainable there in new york. He's he's a great guy. Hard worker rate horse than and having him on him. I think is an asset as well. So it works. I didn't optimistic i think. Wipe the faith gotta a really good chance training. Well it seems out of san anita before you put them on the on the plane You get kendrick. And the blinkers come off around these parts. That's kind of counterintuitive What's the plan tomorrow afternoon. It looks like there's some speed you're in the middle of the pack from post four. Looks like this. Speed inside of the rail. A little speed outside namely the baffert runner freedom fighter. You given kendrick any instructions. Do you have a game plan. Going into the scotland tomorrow. I talked to Kendrick this morning and He fetched a confident good horsemen and and the game plan really egg or you know. Listen to him as we speak as he talking But just a good clean break and just kind of play the face so if if the pace and soft i got a feeling that you're gonna see wipe the slate up on the front if the pace is heated Let's see You know sitting just off it. And that's kind of what kendra gore saying so You know. I just kinda shared what i know about the colt and Again a you. You couldn't have a honda rider there at act kendrick We're excited and It'll be interesting to see how this race unfold. You're not a guy slash trainer who runs his without a purpose. You mentioned this horse trying to turns and lewis a little headstrong You come to this gal from this. Three hundred thousand on the line. A lot of people are looking at the fifty derby points. You keep your eye on both. Do you feel like this horse has the chance to go on the of you feel like you're hoping the blinkers may be someone off. Settle down a little bit or You know i. I know everybody gets some some dose of derby fever especially when you went two of them but you think more distances in the sources future. It's hard to tell and yeah that's a tough question because it's one of those you don't wanna get too you know too far ahead of yourself but This is either quality colt. He's got the physical ability. Got the pedigree you know just right now mentally. He's on a mile and a quarter horse but Whenever that a light bulb goes off and he can settle around the turn and finish I think he could now whether that's the derby or you know whether it's the the big cap next year or whatever i think this we'll be in the future and You know he's he was actually working rate heads up with Great one and charlie midsummer last year the baby so hit the pedigree the ability of they're just mentally not mature yet to turn but hopefully tomorrow goes really well and he You know we learn something more about him. He learns Something a little bit more with racing and and we kinda get him You know heading the right way going to turn one day. Hey doug this is bobby about forty minutes after. The gotham is running akwa duct. They'll run the grade to san felipe out at santa anita. And you're going to send out the great one for your g racing and brennan strauss and others the great one coming off a resounding meden win in his last start where he stalked the pace one off by almost fifteen lengths kind of a strategy conundrum. Though what is the best scenario for the great one tomorrow. It appears life is good. Who was going to be. The overwhelming favourite is the speed of the race if the great one goes impresses him early They could dual each other into submission if the great one let's life is good go. That could be exactly what life is good wants. Where would you like to see the great one right bobby. I have a good good question. And we're having a top rider able to On him he knows great one so well working When we got the post this and we're outside a licensed code. We're like okay. That's a that's a good sign that started off with So able gonna ride his race kinda like we talked about with kendrick and wipe the slate. Abel's going break sharp and If they're crawling he's gonna be right up in there and hopefully life was good is is rattling around good fractions. What sitting a few off. It and When able calls on them hopefully he alongside them and Okay the wire were right there. That's the game plan. But he's he's doing really well and You know anything can happen. But i wouldn't anybody at this one. Another handicapping factor. This year is the addition or subtraction of lasix in some of these races and the great one along with three other runners in the san felipe. A have their wins when they were running with the medication lasix but no lasix allowed in stakes races for three year olds. Are you concerned with that. How do you adjust to that going from no lasix to lasix back to know lasix tomorrow. I'm not really concerned. It's funny we had throwing award from dubai last year For about three or four months and they have no lasix in any of the races. So we were you know. A lot of uncertainty as we approach that need and We really learned that You know most of them don't need i to say that because a twenty five dollars. Thirty dollars china lasix. That might stop your horse from bleeding. It work that but You know that being said i. I don't think it'll be a factor at all and you saw the great one ran a huge rates against spielberg the low south jersey. Without late sixties he works with lake..

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