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Move back so i did that. Every single time under my phone was like Right and then they tried to come closer and like note briefly and then they tried to charge the demon princes there so they cannot actually challenge. That happened four times. That thing wins matches. Even wince tournaments like i played against great lords. Yeah the difference right to kill him he can get in the sculpture. Now you have mine hit on to say you can give them a five plus word. Even prince is along with john the most valuable units in court if they a supporting cast of course. I don't say many units must includes. But i feel like cohen right now. That damon prince is a must include. Like it's definitely good. It's so good And it's only one of the one of the actual model that deserves to have the amulet destiny With the with the five upward safe. Because it it will be a target and the great thing about being a talk. It is if you take down. The david prince okay you kill the imprint targeting but the belco whatever it might be If you ignore it you charges in your runs have just become a whole lot auto. So how many things can actually kill the immigrants ride off because again you need to attack by obviously by range attacks. And he's in the scholar so basically that eighteen ensures radiates from the psalter which is quite big and there's a minus one hit on him. There's a bus save on him Someone can actually help here. If you have Like say ten block reverse next. The psalter can get another minus one to hit because of lookout sir. So our north arsenal units at can actually get the lookout sur. Which means that even in your if your own gets plus one is still lensman so and five blocks as you as you said. There's a sculptured medical which is a two busts beltran which is quite a strong artifact it's the obligatory one in rivers of vengeance. Which is it's great. But i think the fight buses better on the process by far your most valuable asset a lot of people because they not the two plus trump's going to be with some of the army's at a strong in the mid right now especially things like alumina thri like stop luminary so powerful so having a tuplice shrug is great but then because of that you finding people are avoiding having a reliance on magic especially ones. That don't have really strong. Strong cost is so they not going all in on magic said by having the something like the amulet audacity you get more flexibility to be able to deny not just spells but also mortal wounds words outside of that sir i prefer agility. Yeah plus imprint attacks i. He fights at the start of the komo face and in repairs you can have him violent twice which is great so you pile twice a year with your democrats and they they twice end. Then your next unit fights again so you'll be able to attack three times before your opponent fights which can actually take out some. Maybe some key units maybe and so the thing is there's so much stuff that you need to daycare to your mind to be able to click on. Which is why. I think it's a very very batch choices. A starters her the way it is right now in three point out but the thing is because we used to. We used to play at the start of the hero face because blood ties and that jumped to three point zero actions and all that he's actually quite not that big a for some players accord players break. So it's not that bad. I actually like it and i. I found that the faction during being able to be destroyed with three. I haven't had the done yet. Goes again in theory..

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