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Of the chair and it turns out that the scored being crennel lighted phones that car was mike is they're embody men's of negative kovac suspects which is come to the court hyperbolic space hot barnidge on the trip now what does it mean to talk about a negative curve just but that's they're a lot of different ways of mathematically describing it and none of them are immediately obvious took matt positions but hundreds of use trying to prove anything night this was possible but one way he can think about it is it's like a g metric equivalent of the negative numbers and negative now the discovery of negative numbers was a big event in the history of mathematics so just as you had zero positive numbers a negative numbers so you can have is you know kev to space positive pitch space and negative pitcher space and they haven't to each of these three different spaces has different property so he's a simple one that everyone when understand on the surface on you canadian surface yeah it was of the triangle always that up two hundred ninety degree on the surface of the speedy at the end was of the triangle add up to more than a hundred ninety degrees and on a hyperbolic surface bad up to less than a hundred night great so based three different joe much raides have fundamentally different properties and how a set that crush was a way to illustrate that hyperbolic space well it it turns out before don't to tame a net in realize that you could do this with crocheting the great until mike to williams test in who was a call now head she had actually made a small model of hyperbolic space using been circular strips.

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