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It's first in the country in gdp first in population two hundred twenty billion dollars worth a government spending comes from california forty million people in our state driving the stories behind those numbers i'm john sepulvado you give us eight minutes we'll give you the voices behind those numbers each morning on the california report from kqed first up five fifty one here on kqed public radio for a begins at nine this morning san francisco officials have voted to expand the program that the uses surge pricing for the city and county is more than thirty thousand parking meters forum will discuss that topic at 930 state assembly speaker anthony read the joints for i'm to weigh in on the claims of sexual harassment against some other assembly members also there will be a special broadcast from npr tune i that this morning at ten special coverage of that scheduled speech by president trump the white house saying the president's going to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel but will sign a waiver delaying any move of the us embassy a process that could take years as the gun that special npr coverage begins at ten this morning we will go back to forum if the coverage ends before the hour is up four with michael krasny beginning at nine this morning by kqed public radio good morning i'm michael state at seven after four it's morning edition from npr news i'm steve inskeep and i'm david greene in a speech later today president trump has an opportunity to follow through on a campaign promise we will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people jerusalem that was then candidate donald trump speaking to a packed the pro israel american lobbying group now moving the us embassy to jerusalem would overturned decades of precedent world leaders from pope francis to turkish president rigetti aired one are warning against doing this so what could all this mean for the future of the israeli palestinian conflict i wanna turn to daniel kurtzer he served as us ambassador to israel under president george w bush's now professor at princeton investor welcome good morning.

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