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Buddy romer has died. Just real quick. You're you're just to have to give me a a personal moment here Buddy romer. When i was a kid. got elected as the governor of louisiana. He was a democrat who turned republican and ran against edwin edwards edwin. Edwards was the three term governor louisiana. Who was really scandal-plagued and roma ran on a reform ticket and he won and then four years later lost came in third against edwin edwards. In david duke. Now that was the race that so many people in louisiana should the race. Where i decided i could not stay in louisiana After i graduated from high school that was the race where the kkk grand wizard. David duke ran against edwin edwards and so many people had the bumper sticker on the back of their car. Vote for the crooked important At the time then president. George bush actually as a republican campaign for democrats scandal plagued edwin edwards arguing that it was better to have a crook in louisiana presiding over the state. Then a racist in and david do very much is a racist Romer was the shot who got elected. I met him. A couple of times are just randomly. There was a books a million bookstore baton rouge. And i would go in it and he would be in their reading and and went up in chatter with him. Very nice guy. He passed away after a long illness at.

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