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Fortunately they had not. Mogae row told her that they were only nightmares. He would lie down with her tonight Tim they would get to the bottom of things. 'cause she lay awake as Bauchi snored waiting for the spirits to come but child came first teetering about without his head. She squeezed forearm trying to rouse him. But he did not win. But child settled at the foot of her bed neck tilted slightly to the side as if studying her with is that were long gone conscious breathing became shallow. She tugged on body rows arm again still he did not wake then came the soldier blood clinging to his arm and close glistening Crimson in the night. His Armor Clinton he raised his sword it's swept out like a flexible read swirling at a circle until returning to rest 'cause she pushed her husband hard. But he merely rollover. Next came a woman, her head covered caked with black cash from head to toe. Only the whites of her eyes glinted darkness. Kashi begged her husband to wake the ghosts crept closer and closer lowering their faces to hers. Coffee Gasp and ran from the bed her nightgown fluttering behind her. She stopped short when she reached the hallway trying to take comfortable night from the small. Lance. The quarter was deserted. She took a moment to catch your breath. No need to be the pay Schwab brave wife when nobody was around. But she wasn't alone from long. A. Woman appeared at the end of the hallway dressed in white flowing fabric her long dark hair spread over her shoulders. She was regal and unearthly. 'cause she had never seen this spirit before she hoped it was a heroic spirit or God herself. Perhaps the mother God is poverty had come to save her marriage. But as the woman drew closer. Conscious breath caught in her throat. It was must danny. Qazis cheeks were hot is she didn't want to show weakness around her rival, but must danny looked frightened as she was. Kashi asked her what was wrong the great warrior Princess Breath was quick. She stammered out the word. Ghosts. Kashi embraced her and told her that she could see them too. They held each other a long time each knowing the great warrior could not see the dead he left behind, but they did and in the sharing. They could find peace. There are no historical records to show what Kashi by thought her husband's second wife but she later race must johnny and Bobby Ross Son after masonic staff. If nothing else, it seems her perception of the new woman was more forgiving than body arouse mother. Body. Browse rain was a rousing success but his sudden death from a fever at thirty nine shocked his family and kingdom. It would be an omen of things to come violence and early death awaited many of his descendants and the pay Schwab would fall within one hundred years. His descendants would never reach his glory or his body count. Up Next, the story of the Murata patient was gets even bloodier. 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Including additional gates, bastions and other fortifications. But the Golden Age didn't last but not a saw heads oldest son was killed in battle. So rule eventually pass to the pay, Schwab second son must have row the first the new Schwab faced war on several fronts including from his own uncle. Ragoonath row Ragoonath row was under house arrest under suspicion of treason when Mata the I died of Tuberculosis H twenty-seven this left Nana Saheb third son Dorion row to ascend the PATUA thrown. But neuron raw was seventeen years old when his brother died. Ragunath Rao was appointed as region until Ryan row came of age in the next year. New Ryan Ross. Soon, heard rumors that is uncle was planning to depose him. He placed him under house arrest as soon as he was able and the threat seemed to be contained, but the young patient wall was mistaken. Flower petals rained from the sky, the clash of cymbals and tinkling. Bells. Shots of the old and young the smell of jasmine build the air standing above all were large sculptures of the Great Elephant. God It was a day of.

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