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Five it's easier to use numbers instead of weight classes, but I watched so much box in the central. It's going to take long. I'm sorry. I did watch the Daniel Gonzales fight. I apologize. Danny Gonzalez that we've had them scheduled. We didn't get him on. But I'll jury you know, does without jury does. And we'll further, you know, get into that. Amanda Serano also does what she does captures her seventh division world title stopping someone that I won't even butcher their name by first round stoppage. And you know. Just so much. Let me go ahead and bring in my my my coz because I mean, I think it was Ron into this. But Jesus Christ. We here for an hour. If I try to get through this intro. Whoa. Bringham dot com. During the. Era should say. Arab. Thanks. Brexit's objects. Yes. Of course, I did the title. But it was more. Just the right now what we were going to talk about. But to pick it up from there. We had was shot. Monte gets his first round stoppage was a prospect out MSG as well as negoti Solomon. After losing his first fight. It was wardrobe was a little bit better. But he wanted a second fight by unanimous decision. We also had an ESPN plus card that rivaled the design card. I was actually at Madison Square Garden, so I'll talk a little bit about that later on, but we had Oscar Rivas stopping Brian Jennings in the twelfth round think about that the of all the people Brian Jenkins has been tied to from the teas and a wider talks and all this stuff and Oscar Rivas comes in and stops them secure Stephen crushes his opponent was olives by fourth round stoppage. And Jason Sosa wins by unanimous decision. But on top of that we have other discussions with potential heavyweight. Fights wilder fewer rematch. Rumors Anthony, Joshua big baby Miller can alone Daniel Jacobs rehydration clause as well. As Billy Joel Sanders, potentially could be next Dimitrius drowsy, so many news so many things just might as well just pass Mike on start to show. Speak. It believe it receivers big believer received speaking received case Novus Nova speaking. Handed band. Go he shot miss to stay no. Read one or look who in the building. Let me check my Instagram. I might be at a meeting. Buzzed lose our calm. Great weekend, a bucks and we had this past weekend. The guys pretty much covered all the matches. But we did have a lot of stars. And as a celebrities in the house last night for pack. Yarn Browner, and we have to have way champion there. He and he has some words for dealing white. He feels like if they've been white comes to PBC probably the best thing he will do in his career. It'll be one step closer to get into caddo shot that he wants. So they've been white was Vegas in a is a free agent for y'all who didn't know. But let's go ahead and begin the show. Well, I guess we have to get with the biggest car to the weekend. Manny pack you out defeating Adrian Brunner. We did a li- chat. I mean, I scored it. Tend to maybe ten three. But I I don't even see ten three. What I'm saying? Like, and this wasn't fury. Mayweather bronner. Excuse me, fury pack. A few older Bronner got no knock down. So, you know, it isn't like like there's no argument, you know, on whether or not he won more than two rounds. Like, you know, the argument will wilder was did he win more more than two rounds outside of knocking down fury. But obvious. I mean, honestly, I couldn't find more than two maybe three of them being. I don't know generous to give Bronner buddy called robbery. He's he's a screaming robbery. I was actually going to play this clip from what I perceived to be pretty famous, I dunno blogger or Instagram or something posted in the production chat. What's that guy's name might do? You know? No, no. Yes. No. Maybe. So I don't think. Oh, he's he's pretty big I slept. Everybody out there beating. I could tell the fight. He was missing. I hit him clean. What's Asia talking about man that didn't be absent that fight? What are you talking about? We could see him hitting you. I know you said you're going to do this for the hood, but on behalf of our nine..

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