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Forty two year old michelle mocked be was brutally murdered. Early one morning in may two thousand twelve should just arrived at her job as an hr employees at thermo scientific a northern kentucky. Planned a supervisor named ed and a janitor stumbled onto the horrific scene. Michelle had been beaten. Her wrists cut her skull fractured a plastic bag around her head. Here's a monk long vicious office. I think somebody who killed somebody upstairs in her office. Okay thanks somebody else. He's laying there underground over it up and there's blood all over the floor office okay and you said this board outside the store yes man. Big pile ed's voice trembled on the phone with the nine one one dispatcher. She urged him to send the janitor to block off the path so nobody would disturb what was clearly a crime scene okay. That's the gator. That at went up there with you just he. He's the one that the steps down not let anyone go up there. The janitors name was david dooley. As the police investigation continued and authorities searched for a motive to understand why someone would kill michelle. David dooley would become the main suspect. He was arrested and charged with her death. A jury convicting him in two thousand fourteen and sentencing him to life in prison but this isn't straightforward and shut case by any means in two thousand sixteen. Roughly two years after david's conviction a whistleblower a clerk who had been fired from prosecutor linda tally. Smith's office gave the attorney general. A thumb drive with some damaging information on it. According to local media reports the messages on the thumb drive made it clear that the lead detective in michelle mock these case detective. Bruce mcveigh and prosecutor. Linda tally smith had been having an affair under oath. Tally smith admitted that they had started an affair. After david's trial had ended david dooley's defense team said the thumb drive also contained proof that the prosecution had been deceptive and hadn't released all the information in the case to the defense what was kept hidden from them according to local media reports. The defense said surveillance video. They hadn't seen before captured an unknown man walking through the parking lot and approaching door behind a nearby building the night before michelle was murdered. The defense argued. David deserved a retrial. Judge james r sh- rand who presided over the first trial. Granted that request in two thousand seventeen. And that's where today's episode brings us to david dooley's retrial. Will he be convicted again. Or will there be new evidence that proves his innocence. This is jillian. And you're listening to court junkie episode. One forty two. Take coloring your hair at home to the next level with madison reed. Now you might be wondering how you would find the right color and then. What about the cost well. Medicine read makes coloring your hair at home affordable and they give you the tools you need to make it easy to choose your perfect color for just twenty two dollars. Medicine read gives you beautiful professional hair. Colour delivered right to your door and medicine. Reads color is unique. It's crafted by master colorist. Blend of light dark cool and warm tones to create over fifty five gorgeous multidimensional shades to find your perfect shade. You just go to their website. Madison dash re dot com and tiktok. Quick on mine quiz. That will ask you some simple questions about your hair and your goals so do your hair coloring at home and look as if you just came from the salon and now court junkies can get ten percent off plus free shipping on their first color kit with the code court go to madison dash re dot com and use the code court. That's madison dash reed dot com and use the code court. We all have guilty pleasures right for me. It's playing phil collins songs to my two year old daughter and trying to get her to jim out to them like i do but one thing i feel zero guilt about is how much i love playing. Best fiends. best means a match three puzzle game that you can play right on your phone. I've been playing for a while now. And i am pretty obsessed with it. My favorite time to play lately is during my recording days in between recording episodes. I'm well past two hundred levels now and christie from canadian true crime and i have a friendly little competition. going best. beans is free to download and it's great because they add new levels events and challenges all the time. So you're never there's always one more level it has over one hundred million downloads and this five star rated mobile puzzle game is a must play download. Best means free today on the apple app store or google play. that's.

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