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I was not using headphones, but it simply perched my device on the dashboard, the better to partake of your prattling exchanges, the local Constabulary. However. So this has coach using your telephone while operating vehicle and I was pulled over, but because the phone was play. Saying the yes, the ensuing discussion, which saw me argue that the phone was in fact being used as a radio was conducted to the background wintering of mart thumping on? Yes, yet again, albeit increasingly defensively about why the greatest showman was not in his opinion, a worthy addition to the cinematic cinema. Canon. Cinema cinema, geographical cinematic, cinematic, graphic cannon, ludicrous, Michael. I managed to talk the policemen into reducing the fine down from an initial six thousand rupees to unless I watering two thousand rupees and was incited baps, escaping fine less from my predicament. When the officer evidently lending half in it's your program suddenly said, but I liked the greatest showman and the negotiation abruptly terminated. So thanks mom. Two thousand two thousand rupees. All because the Mirisch in copper liked the show more than you the next time. Hugh Jackman comes on the show. We have to tell him that story we do, we do and he will be back, I'm sure, very same people. Anyway, we begun on long enough and we haven't even started yet. We warmed up nicely. Happy with the sound and you had no. Well, we carry on anyway. Well, that's very good news because it means we have a couple of hours. It does some film conversation. Yes, some emails, some texts a tweet or to a film review every now and again, talking up in a way that so intelligent. Yes. And a couple of jobbing actors to to what? What exactly does Joe ping ACTA mean? Does it mean? Does it mean? Is it a derogatory term? I guess the the implication is they're always working without being exceptional journeyman. I would think it something like that, but obviously I'm using this ironically because they have changed a lot. Between them. So this is Michael Kanaan and Courtney together, Sir, Michael and certain in this in this studio, which would be a very lovely thing as as we as rushing into the BBC to do the interview. I rushed literally, you know, rushed carrying a bike through the finance. I did this somebody. I didn't exercise that. No, no. Things don't. Kuni can't stop. Exactly. Oh, Hello. Told. So they kind of get it for you. Should we open the radio, three lift? I think so. Thank you very much. Now we we didn't. We went up in the in the one extra extra live. We said he trying to find no. Well, I just I I the only time I get to catch up with what's happening in modern music in the seventeen seconds. It takes from groundfloor. That was more than enough. It was anyway that some piece on music. So what we're gonna do we're going to talk about film. So Michael, Cain, intone Courtney tell you about king of thieves. They'll be half to two thirty. You'll correspondents welcome. Of course. Maywood BBC cutter UK. He'd text eight, five, zero, five at you can tweet at with detainment. Matt, who send us an Email. This is Matt, we'll Tesco. I'm gonna go with that. Didn't use spa an old goat house, what you what you want to be those OB old goat house. This past weekend myself, much pregnant wife. My parents and grandparents finally enjoyed a long-awaited trip to see. And then he puts 'em semi-colon h. w. g. a. which is mama. Mia, here we go again, but you in the lovely community cinema of the robot burn sent in Dumfries. We all love the film as did the rest of the sold-out screening. One unexpectedly positive reaction came from the seat next to me as at the beginning of the titular song seemingly inspired by the dulcet tones of lily James, my wife began to feel a series of exceptionally shopping, enthusiastic kicks from the baby. I hope we can get forgiveness for the code breaking gasps and laughter. This inspired when we recounted the story to our midwife who's also pregnant? Yes. And this week's appointment had jaw dropped. And she said exactly..

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