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Deaths are linked to the virus in Illinois the Illinois department of public health announced more than eleven hundred new confirmed cases of covert nineteen today the Illinois National Guard will deploy to a developmental center as dealing with the outbreak of covert nineteen cases because when is live in park forest with more on the story when Courtney well good morning to the both of you an outbreak of coronavirus has led to the activation of the Illinois National Guard here at the Elizabeth Ludeman centers a developmental center here in park forest the guard be activated today is expected to step in to help now we know twenty two members of illinois' Air National Guard expected here later today which is a state run residential facility for developmentally challenged adults and so far at least one hundred ten people connected to this facility have tested positive for covert nineteen that's eighty two residents and twenty eight staff members two of those residents and an employee have died No windows members of the state National Guard arrived they will be here doing temperature checks and health screenings at the entrance to the campus the Illinois department of Human Services which oversees the facility says having the Air National Guard on site will free up Ludeman staff to be able to work directly with residents the donations have been coming in here after park forces mayor has been working to help secure personal protective equipment like masking grounds for those working here on this residential campus and I have to say that the staff at the women's center have really are been there at the front lines are right now a lot of their staff or six so you're talking a lot of these people working sixteen hours in other working double shifts to try to help instill in those gaps now some of those twenty two air national guardsmen will be also heading to a similar campus in Kankakee known as the Shapiro developmental center were close to one hundred people there have contracted corona virus here at the Ludeman center they're still looking for date donations they're hoping to get some more disposable stethoscopes and paper plates so they can use for those.

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