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A couple of hours to ours. You after you take this, You should start feeling it working and you are going to feel a little bit sharper. But the chaos M portion of this product does a whole slew of things that maybe you don't feel within a couple of hours. But over time a few weeks go by and you notice I'm sleeping better, right? I feel better. This is helping took and there's a reason for it. This helps to control cortisol. Cortisol is your body's stress hormones to different studies jam that show that this decreases cortisol one showed nearly a 28% decrease, while another really cool study that they did Jan. They looked at the roll of stress on eating what they call stress induced over eating a lot of people. When they get stressed out. They gain weight because they just they eat too much. And they showed that this stress way connection is significantly helped. When you take KSM, there's over a 20% decrease in this 30 shown for cortisol, and that resulted in an actual small reduction in body weight itself. So there was some actual weight management. Benefits here is it relates to stress and stress related eating, But the other flipside of stress? Jan. I hinted at this earlier and this is something that I noticed when I take ksm 66. It just helps me sleep better, and they looked at sleep on said Sleep Efficiency. Sleep quality. Slow wave sleep.

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