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And Snohomish. Right now, the Puget Sound region has a 13% decrease in cases, but hospitalizations are holding us back. I asked doctor Do Jin this question? How are we gonna get there? We're gonna get there by doing the things that we know work to suppress covert 19 by wearing facemasks compulsively and whenever we're around others by keeping our distance by taking off her cautions and workplaces and anywhere we socialize and get together with others we can suppress this virus. Other countries have done it. That's Cuomo's Tammy. Mitosis reporting president like Biden is outlining a new five point plan to ramp up covert 19 vaccinations across the country. He says his administration will work with the states to open up more vaccine priority. Groups open thousands of community vaccination centers activate pharmacies for vaccinations ramp up supplies by invoking the Defense Production Act. And release more vaccines. Early comers. Nick Problem, says local health experts hope the new plan is going to help us get back to normal, faster doctors. I spoke with her optimistic after hearing the president elect's ideas, they say having a federal strategy is welcome after seeing such a slow initial rollout of this vaccine. Now both doctors I spoke with, say President elect Biden's plan of 100 Million vaccinations in his 1st 100 days in office is certainly attainable now that they have a plan that will be in place to improve this process. Nathan slicker with the State Medical Association says Biden's plan to try and get clinical and non clinical professionals to help with vaccinations will be key. So long as they confined folks willing and able to inoculate people off the front line. Future medicine to be vaccines makes a challenging situation worse. So I think we are gonna have to creative your top of the national Guard. I think we can train people to get I am injections. We do it all the time when they need it for their own medical care. Even with this optimism of potential improvements, he says, a lot more work has to be put in on behalf of the federal government and the states before we can say we're close to returning to normalcy. That is Cuomo's Nick. Papa. I'm reporting and here in Washington, the National Guard continues to protect the state Capitol building, as it has since Sunday. But what about the other potential targets of violence? Who will protect those comas? Matt Markovich talk with law enforcement professionals, including Kurt Boyle of the Washington State Fusion Center, and Joe Domenico of Security Services. Northwest groups may be targeting so called soft targets, the phones of private security agencies are now ringing off the hook, protect both critical infrastructure. Um retail businesses Security services. Northwest has had to do a three fold increase in staffing since summer. And it's not just for protection but for rapid extraction of employees and needing to You know, send in security teams toe, grab their employees and then pull them out. The state's fusion intelligence gathering center is working to get accurate information out about all potential targets to that that information to make sure it's not misinformation or disinformation and making sure that it's credible information. Law enforcement veteran Jeff You too, says the average system needs to practice. Situational awareness. What seems normal for the area? What seems abnormal for the area And if something doesn't look right, tell somebody and get out of the area. Trust your gut, not Markovitz reporting. And Lauren called the Republican who lost the governor. Inslee in a landslide is ended his lawsuit that hope to invalidate the election attorney, Stephen Pigeon, spoken a video on cults Facebook page and blame the withdraw on technicalities as a result. We're going to lead this battleground now. And instead bring our case for election reform to you and the court of public opinion. My pigeon is facing punishment from the courts in the state bar for filing lawsuits with false and unsubstantiated claims. He was given an ultimatum to withdraw the suit by noon on Friday. Woman whose time is 3 40 as we head over to the beacon Plumbing sports desk. Dave Lewis has our NFL news, talking NFL and the Packers still some separation killing over the Rams 25 10 Packers lead in the third period. Game to the doubleheader, the bills of the number two seed in the A F. C home to take on the Baltimore Ravens and favored by 2.5 over Lamar Jackson and company Informer. Eagle's head coach did. Petersen became the second identify coach to speak with CNN's about the vacant offensive coordinator job. The other is former Chargers head coach Anthony Lan, who spoke with Pete Carroll yesterday. Peterson as a Super Bowl win on his resume with Nick Foles, a quarterback and was fired by the Eagles earlier in the week. He grew up in Ferndale and said his parents of once upon a time or SIAC season ticket holders. Sports attended 40 past the hour. I'm Dave Lewis. Come on. News from regular expenses to occasional splurge.

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