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Three zero three seven one three eight two five five aspen is going to have a drone show instead of a fireworks show all right that works hope it's cool i bet it is i want to be careful i don't want to be spouting off your like some some am guy who knows you know more than all the fm guys i don't know what the fire risk is of of those fireworks shows in the past i'm unaware of any of them causing a forest fire but i'm still curious about the ones you buy yourself how is it that wyoming has forest fires in structures and prairie fires but yet you can get fireworks there what is it about about wyoming why are they safer there is that why do things just not catch on fire is it so windy nothing can catch on fire or is it that they know how to have more fun three zero three seven one three eight two five five hey stew do we have you back your john kelly sarah stew drive and say the black forest but yeah anyway i was talking about mountain and that's just one event he has it on the fourth of july but there's another one that that was my favorite is called scuds versus patriots this your uncle in georgia we had to go to alabama again firework because they're illegal in georgia they're illegal in georgia yeah yeah illegal in georgia nothing can burn in georgia you're right except atlanta during a civil war but that's an exception anyway scuds versus patriots we would fill trash bags up with propane and then we would hang them from line about fifteen twenty feet mayor and shoot him with roman candle when you say you feel trapped oh trash bags full appropriate propane hang on the line spending in there and then shoot them with grooming candle seven spectacular oh that is so cool so let me see if i got it right you fill a trash bag a plastic i'm assuming a plastic trash bag full of propane does it float no no lighter than air now all right so you put them up there and then you aim at it with a roman candle for those who don't know roman candles the shootout these little rockets pretty cool and when you when you do it you ignite the bag how big was the fireball huge back but we sharing about ten of 'em up on the line and then you know the competition who could get the most scuds versus patriots what was the scud and what was the patriot of course patriot handle da and you had to shoot well so so just out of curiosity in the whole scuds versus patriot celebration what was the ratio of men to women enjoying the sport i mean probably equally as many women you know it was a big party every year so tried again when it came to actually filling the bags will appropriate tying them up getting the roman candles lighting the roman candles how many were boys versus girls i'm not talking about spectators yeah no it was actually advance or limited i mean of course the men drinking filling up for pain bags see this is a beautiful thing of even the the terminology a man's sport it was it was a it was an old spice aftershave commercial it was a man's sport when lighting plastic bags full of propane it's a man's job all right good stuff yeah that's kind of where i was down with that so you hope the propane bags up to drones then yes roman candles now you have a real scuds versus patriots thing going all right we're we are we are on target stew that was worth the wait thanks for the call three three seven one three eight two five five seven one.

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