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Trooper killed on the side of the road. In Douglas county says it's devastated by a second mistrial in the case truck driver, Noah Gomez, Ruiz's accused of swerving onto the shoulder of I twenty five where trooper Cody Donohue was making a traffic. Stop near Toma road district attorney. George Brock ler says the prosecution witness revealed information in his testimony that was not in his report to the extent that law. Enforcement failed to provide a piece of information that we didn't further. Explore discover and turnover to the defense, and we inquired about it in court. Yeah, I accept the responsibility. For that broccoli says the case will move forward. He's expecting the judge to set a new trial date next week. President Trump announcing he's signing an executive order declaring a national emergency to secure the funds. He needs to build more than two hundred thirty miles of barrier along the southern border, President Trump acknowledged Friday that his declaration of a national emergency will be challenged in court. The White House says this is an urgent problem that needs urgent action. But the president may have given a gift to those planning to sue him. When he said, this I could do the wall over a longer period of time, I didn't need to do this. But I'd rather do it much faster. The president insisted he doesn't have to do this to improve his reelection chances saying he's already done, quote, a lot of wall for his twenty twenty campaign. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House. Congressman Jason Crowe says President Trump's state. Of emergency. Is it abuse of power the Democrats saying, congress should control purse-strings representatives from throughout this country are empowered to our constitution to make the decisions that we need to make about how we're going to spend our money others president doesn't like that that system he doesn't like those checks and balances. So he's decided he's going to go around us on the other side of the aisle. Republican congressman Ken buck says the president is merely doing what's right when congress won't be emergency is the congress is not acting on. It knows the fax bucks says he hopes the issue is not decided by the courts saying that would be a bad precedent. Lakewood. Police say state patrol trooper hit by an SUV this afternoon does not have life threatening injuries. It happened at hamden and Wadsworth as the trooper was investigating a traffic accident. The driver of the SUV was cited for careless driving drugs or alcohol. Not believed to have been involved next update at ten thirty. David Kay, okay away. Newsradio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. AM Greenbury Greenbury. Israel for your family. Look what I picked up at the grocery store Greenbury with amazing onyx sorghum. I heard about this unac- sorghum is supposed to be excellent for weight control and sugar control. Right. Yeah. You know? I'm always trying to get the families eat a little healthier. Oh, well, look at you mom of the year will I wouldn't go that far. Greenbury helps with prediabetes diabetes and obesity and has more any oxidants than any cereal fruit or vegetable grain, Barry. This is Dave Logan. We all hope that we never need a personal injury lawyer. I know I do. But if you do I was suggest you call Dan capless, I've known Dan for more than twenty years. He's a smart hardworking guy that you can trust. Dan, capless is the son of a police officer. He only takes on cases that he believes in..

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