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About making Germany strong country, which would result and prosperity for the German people who were hurting due to the disruption caused by the Wall Street crash of nineteen twenty nine and the effects of the great depression. So familiar. Literally, he's making comparison after comparison. So Trump getting us a better trade deal Canada. Mexico is like Hitler getting a trade deal with China's like Hitler bringing back American jobs because we're lowering tax rates. That's like Hitler, bringing back jobs makes you a Nazi and keep throwing around that word, man. And that comparison honestly Jews across the country should be pissed off at this. I I'm Jewish. I'm mad. You shouldn't even have to be Jewish. And be mad problem is what makes me mad is that they were dopey Jews out there. I can say that dopey Jews out there that are clueless as hell including mile rabbi here in town. Who is beyond naive and a fool. Because he would agree with this. And a guy like Hitler who literally ordered Jews and Christians, by the way to be rounded up and murdered you compare that to a Trump is doing and you're okay with it. You're okay with it. So Jews literally being murdered. The holocaust. That's okay. Juzar okay with this being used manipulated taken. So far to context, you can't even get into it. To try to make Trump look bad. You're okay. With that. I mean, it's just it's it's disgusting. It's absolutely disgusting. And there should be Jews from all around be. You'll be a big liberal all frigging care. You should say. This isn't right. This. This is not what Trump rounding up people putting him into concentration camps. L? He's really doesn't one well ice. Really? You're gonna tell me that people break the law. There's an ISIS is trying to arrest people that have warrants out for their arrest. It's not exactly what Hitler did with the Jews. Now is it? So so over just here the Democrats for what they are hearing on his aim was to unite the blonde haired, blue eyed, dramatic Aryan people against the Jews the Italians the polish anybody else. Hitler did not start did not support it. But he took over the party with charisma and leadership the Nazis and Hitler became synonymous much like Hitler took over the Nazi party. Trump.

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