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To me if if i'm mickey callaway first of all familiar would not be my closer you can't have ramos anthony guys at four and a half he's don't have an option he's absolutely he leads the league in saves he had a bad one tonight but come on a blown soon and you know run league and see how many saves there are no i think blevins has been god awful what i would do i on ten and let them do that know what's up yeah i'm listening you can't just do that i know everyone thinks you could just make up an injury you wanna pitch these guys what blevins is blevins he's pitching every day he's got plenty of time to work on his stuff you don't need l them for blevins this team this team has three guys that have struck up more than thirty times they've got four regulars back in two hundred i agree and it's amazing i think that first of all i don't know why he hasn't been moved down to the lineup because you came down move cesspit is first of all and thank you for the call of any cessnas lead i think he leads the team in rbi's he's been caught she's your best hitter even if he's not right at this moment you don't move when you're when you're winning when you got a fourteen six record you're gonna start messing around with cesspits and showing no confidence in them and moving down you can't react like that in baseball he's your to hitter to hitter for better or worse but yes the line of needs to get better i completely agree you can't have these guys striking out that much and you can't have these guys hitting two hundred and it is amazing that they're fourteen and six so i would say to you be a positive guy and figure the lineup's going to get better fourteen and six.

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