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Tom he clearly does not trust Mason Rudolph. He doesn't trust in right now and nor should he so when you guys are talking about the play offs you know if you WanNa crown the steelers Dan Crown but this team is not situated to make playoff run. Uh Not at the moment and I think what we see is been covered up a lot of issues uh hey I'm Spencer Hall. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan Nanny. I'm Jason Kirk and we're the hosts of the shutdown forecast your avengers of college football podcast successor in the script onto riff on what that means and basically what I mean is. It's all spoiled every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable pants the Warren Middle School we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on Apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP been covered up a lot of issues and big up to you Tyler Mackenzie. Oh you like to rock him the rock reference because I just got the audio book sweat like the technique so make sure you check out that that's awesome book. I got the Audio Book Rock. Him has demanded got him see my melody is my favorite song but who's GonNa pin the lyrics of the world because we do want all the Hartman clan to wear Mason Rudolph Jerseys and I want Jeff to do a show with all his kids leads with Mason Rudolph Jerseys and we gotta make that happen 'cause. It's like a guy five kids. That's ten jeff the wife that's Twelve S. fourteen dogs. Hey Man we need like ten jerseys. We need ten Rudolph Jerseys for Hartman clan. Nathan Eighth Smith. You can't expect Rudolph the guard their day. WanNa start weighing like a ten year vet no. I don't expect them to do that but can't he'd be Gartner intermittent you. Can he be mentioned. That's my expectation. Can he be as good as meant you. That's asked what I would think and the reason why I have high expectations for Mason Rudolph is because they did you know because because of what they gave up to aquarium. I should have high expectations for him. I would expect that he could play at least as well. Louis Gardner mentioned the second like why would I not believe that Jerry Aldean's steeler fans we are standing on shaky ground too close goes to the edge hoping Sunday won't be on the Ledge love that love that if you guys get that know the Ledge know the ledge aired being rock him when this show is make sure you type that in sip the juice I got enough to go around takes place up town. Why Learn Street talk talk the Hawk New York. I'd go to Queens the Queens act do this all day with rock him. Go uptown the F. Recouping around but anyway I love Nathan Smith for the comeback. If you WANNA crown men shooting crown them great come back work dirty one if we beat any team that he will have to play lights out and there's no consistency on that side to expect that to happen exactly exactly absolutely exactly both sides of the football art consistent enough off to even mention playoffs. He'll call me and a couple of weeks. You know if you guys want to get my prediction for the game. If you've gotTA listen to the standard of the standard but before we get out of here if you guys want to shoot me some of you know some of your practice game shoot me Rutshuru Russ obstinacy gotta be hard to trust the guy so soon replace get fifty year hall of fame is going to have to go through certain processes to earn it absolutely been and Tomlin our marriage love and marriage the truth go together like a horse and carriage Dessus Guy Tomlin's his Guy Ben is his guy that does so yes. You're absolutely right. He's going to have to make some plays days. You Know X. Eddie Tennessee steelers. You GotTa go you gotTa go to my show last week. the burning question question were were. I talked about could the steelers the steelers kgo eight name. I just don't see it this year. awesome stuff nine thousand nine hundred eighty three no one this airplane off the team is trading up though steelers twenty-one ravens seventeen. It's going to be very interested in the big thing in this game is can they stop the run creaky Kakissis thirty four thirteen those nasty birds who that's going to be tough because wait. Martindale runs a complicated scheme. They're very familiar with the steelers and I just don't trust the steelers offense personnel particularly Rudolf behind the wheel so the thirty four thirteen. That's GONNA be ooh. That's interesting that would have to be littered with turnovers. in the Green TV been washed Reginald rivers twenty seventeen steelers dewayne dunk onto now. I know I just terrorized your name. Near twenty thirteen steelers win on defense causing turnovers one thing that steelers dealers do they get after the quarterback but his game I mean you're GonNa have to stop the run and you know they cannot let Antonio Brown Mr Thirten written fisk cousin get behind him off of play action in really got a handle to run because we've seen that this team has been hypersensitive to play the action given an inconsistency at which they stopped the run I'm seeing a lot of steelers picks. Is there anybody brave enough. In the live chat to actually sleep pick the ravens mean you can pick the ravens. I mean I. I think you guys Kinda. Get the gist of where I'm going. you guys can pick the ravens. The team team is what it is. I mean you don't have to be I mean fan does mean fanatical. That's why I mean if you WanNa Crowning steelers Dan Crown them but you know oh creaky says yeah. She's picking the Ravens Kevin Shinshu Twenty eight twenty four Ravens you know Guru Ravens will probably win. Gardy Gadsby Ashby said No. We're actually steeler fans. Being a fan does not mean you have to pick your team to win every week. How many teams go sixteen at all. I mean that team up North West Sixteen now. There's only been one so I mean you miss you. Get it. You get it wrong. Sometimes you can get it wrong. Awesome stuff nineteen the eighty three. Ll Gardy hey man look a creases. I'm a dude not a she. Sorry sorry cre- I'm sorry I'm sorry guy. I'm sorry Ike a sham Manahan none of us. Not all of us are or closet browns fans. I I am not a closet brown fat. I am definitely not a closet brown fan but with that listeners we're going to go conclude this show look. I'm just saying like thanks me. Joe said losing players like Shade Zero Bail Mr Third and Fifth Mr Button Naked and rob been fascinating. You expect that that these are the results. You should expect. You know I'm not tearing down. I'm just stating what I'm stating. you know. I'm not tearing them down. But what I'm not going to do is be delusional in pick them to go sixteen to know every game. I think you guys deserve more. I think you guys deserve honest honest analysis. I'm from the Burke. I'm from the north side. I grew up ten minutes from the stadium. I hate when they lose. You know I'm from Pennsylvania Avenue. Do you know I'm from Chicago. I used to live off. Tell I live in Columbus Avenue. I mean that's my neighborhood and went to Manchester Elementary School. I went to Saint Joe's. I mean I'm a northside dude. I'm a north sider identified but this is a good football team and you know it is what it is and like thanks Joe said I'm not counting steelers out like Yogi said it ain't over till it's over but don't crown them yet. That's all I'm saying if you want to clown the crown them but don't crown right now there's time they may improve but don't crowd them right now and don't even talk about play offs. you know and like getting bit. We're both that even when they went thirteen. Three hours thought they would lost 'cause. I'm looking for particular things in games. That would suggest gest that you are a good football team. land sharp. Thanks for the compliment. I like Shannon Sharpe Channel sharps a hall of Famer snazzy Dresser Dresser and he's in very good shape but with that we are going to conclude this show and as always tune in Tele friend and subscribe I..

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