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Explain to me because I am not A. Person WHO's in the business of buying baseball teams? I know you aren't either, but I feel like you've got a little more experience. In this particular, world is high end high end finance world. Like you, one of those chase private client guys who gets? Ushered to the back and they talk about big business so. That's just know what I feel. But so, why would the Wilpon? At this juncture! When the franchise is at the absolute bottom of what it is worth, and it can only go up. Excuse me from where it is now. Because when game start again and fans star coming back the franchise. Why would they want unload it now so desperately to get like ten cents on the dollar for this organization's? They wouldn't. There's there's no way they would. Know, if Steve Cohen was going to buy the eighty percent of the mets for two point, five, billion or two point six billion whatever it was. You know they're. They're not coming off of that price I mean and. All right now. Are you going to sell your house now? If you wanted to sell your house I guess in certain areas you probably could, but most likely you're. You're not going to be doing that simply because it's not the greatest market in the world, especially with all the people that are unemployed. Yeah, but it seems like the reason why a rod and J. Lo are pouncing. They believe they can get a good deal and also saw the Wilpon so I, saw the wilpon. Relenting in one post article I read a little bit on the S and why thing? And saying that they would only want to control some of that now, and not all of it like in the previous negotiators with Steve Cohen me just seems like they're motivated to sell and I don't know if they're going to get the same dollar amount that Steve Cohen was offering up. Just a few months ago. That's where it seems like this. There's no way that they are. I'm only speaking from practice. I. Don't know anything. Inside wise, I'm just thinking practically. There's no way that they're selling now. You know in Oh, and Rod, can you know hopefully? Live this fantasy out, and hopefully you know, get what they want, but at the end of the day. This is not going to an easy transaction. It's just not going to be, and it's GonNa be somewhere north of two point eight billion dollars especially if The requirements to buy it if you're the crafts are you're running at your own yet? And you're making the decisions you're not. Going to allow the wilpon family to have any. Say in any matter if you're spending that amount of money, that's just the way the crafts operate, and that's the way I would operate a power them. In reading one of the articles, it was funny to me because this is just like the only a certain portion of the population ever gets to this level, but in talking in these serious discussions that. A Rod and J. Lo of had with J., P. Morgan Chase. There is like a rolodex filled with billionaires that they call in situations like this. Who is interested? Right footing the bill? And I just I just wonder like what are these phone calls like like just like the phone rings? It's A. It's a guy over at the J. P.. Morgan Chase. Got A rod and J. Lo say hello guys. Yeah, this is a billionaire. Ex and we were wondering. You WanNa. Throw a couple of billion. Hey! Jeff Basis, and you're worth one hundred, billion, three, hundred billion dollars, or whatever it is worth a trillion almost. I mean that's the phone call that you make. A level that guy, yeah, but that's what I'm saying, but that's the phone call you make. He's got three billion dollars in. You know he's looking to divest and move around and keep money in in very solid investments and things of that nature given three billion dollars, a Jaylo rotten. Let them live their fantasies by owning the mets. Drop in the bucket them, so it's easy for them to make that phone call. He'll take their phone call. Of course you will. And the other thing, too the other thing, too that that would help here is given the fact that you have minority ownership assuming that they are controlling owners of. Y- of the asset. Or they just the faces of the you know that's that's all has to be worked out. I mean. Is a rod is he tried to become jeeter in New York now by becoming A. kind of quasi a president slash owner of baseball team. Yeah I read recently the Jeff. bezos makes a hundred ninety one thousand dollars per minute. Every day that goes by. There, you go. There's the guy that you can make a phone call to and Jaylo can have her residency right there at city field. She can you know put about five or six concerts on a year? They're. In make millions off of that and bring more people to the stadium. Assuming we are on that, we're all going to be allowed to come back to stadiums. Eleven and a half million per hour. Very Go. This is what he's raking. That's the guy I would call. Yeah these you want to get involved in a sports team. Doesn't WANNA manage it. He doesn't WanNA, he. Just wants to invest in it. As his kind of he's got a jets at around with his wife and jump on the jets and go places and do things and buy stuff, and you know he's got a lot of things to do in his life. He doesn't want to go to baseball games. He just wants to invest in baseball team. It's as his hobby and let J. LO and run it. Yeah, did you watch the space launch by the way I did? We talked a little bit about that very proud of it very very very. You Haiti Lon Musk musketeers the. Guy. I think. But I do say. Public Partnership is the wave of the future in a and it was flawless. Absolutely flawless at Look Great. Yeah now I wanna see something a little more ambitious you know. I WanNa be I WANNA. Put a human on one of these plants. Walk around Okay Action Send Out. At this point now's a good time to get out right right now. Looking for a remote place to move to perfect, the moon or Mars, all go, yeah. We get! We get a man on Mars in the next couple years. Can we do that? There's nothing there's nothing there we sent that. Ship up there whatever there was nothing on Mars, no Martians no nothing. House upset about something. She wants to go to Mars. boomers right about legal on mosques. Yeah, I mean. I don't know I. Still Want I would rather see that than just send a couple of guys up to the space station with a toolbox right like. You know let's let's do someone more interesting just or go to a different planet. Where maybe there's people. Can we get a guy on the radio of Sanur weenies. Venus about one hundred years from now. Yeah. You think it will take that long. Yeah I. Don't Know How long and space travel and if we sent him shot off tomorrow, one would get their. To Saturn Yeah Probably I would guess maybe a year a year plus. Let's go. That'd be a longtime cramped up. In. Wade, be like in quarantine. Yeah, but I mean you can make these spaceship so more comfortable these days you know. I think at least I mean seeing what we're doing. What about Jupiter is that a possibility? Check out what's going on in that I? Get a little I. Mean we all come? Check these places out, but people in even in ships can get anywhere that closer these. Violent, ATMA storms. Yeah, we've got a long ago. Then one of the Jovian moons are the Moon's Saturn for sure those are possibilities for. We send in one of these things off to A. Fence stuff, and and they're well. We haven't seen life, but. Were There are plans to send. Probes to. Tighten. Was One of the moons. Okay well. New Works Okay I just WANNA next SPACEX launch I WANNA mission. That's interesting I. Want some sort of Scifi thing like there's I. Don't know, or we're going to rescue. Somebody some sort of movie plot. That's what I need in the next space x mission..

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