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Talk radio without good morning good morning. Everybody hold on on the motivation of monday. I know we in the break. We really haven't even started to show you Everybody on the phone. Right now is my man who i loved the death man who's always chat with from time to time but he's working. He's working hard hard working man. Lamar ford aka easy l. Let's clown clean your thank you thank you thank. Thank you first of all. I'm known this masses house. Fifteen is over even boyer. Y'all first of all. I love you bro. you thank you good work. Thank you just thinks for a busy few minutes. So i was talking to the audience and my beloved listeners. About you know we need new music because you know we play the same songs all the time but the music is bad that i'm receiving i'm searching for so i said to them like hey i'll play the song we made you know the ghetto if i don't get no new music right so i started playing the song with asset to everyone. We broke records on this song. We sold twelve much. Take our our album. Went family only off. It was hot and south carolina. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah it really playing the song. Somebody suggested in the chat room to wasn't that i could bring you back out because it's still relevant to the day you know just changes beat little bit and boom and i think it was Markets you missed wanting me jobs and the same thing. Pretty much just changed the beat or remakes today. A colom beloved that sit here next to me and one of the listeners a say hey as the beat yeah keep keep doing. We don't like modify. Maybe we could bring it back alley kid. let's do. it may be studio making populace here. But i said to poverty. Well jesus christ. I'm fifty six. You gotta be gotta be at least three thousand years old but wait so age shouldn't be a restriction but now it shouldn't be them takes them all you need is beat because that's all the music today it's anyway because it's all trash i mean honestly speaking right saying nothing to be is what catches us so i chased and beat bull. You go ahead of you doing that. Maybe we get beat to direct to the corner behind them with. I'm trying to change loop we kind of we. Kinda soul are sold. The jeff a little bit because he was supposed to be a superstar. Back of course If we kept saying flow we put some of us. We might do something. See the thing is on the motivation. My sister's a motivational monday. See the thing the history with with our group back in the day and then the bronx. I'm telling you we were legit barbie cologne seriously and we did was He's right we sold our soul because we had our own routines and our own river and people love what we did. And we got with this rapper from the funky four plus one more and he had his own vision in his own kind of style and instead of us going to the studio and going after that back with the only person only person that did that was bird and he left the group because of that right and one of them was left the group because we he believed more into group that we believe that cocaine the hell of a hell of withdrawal relation to stay away from drugs Eighteen years old seventeen years old seventeen eighteen years. He's a bobby. Bobby saying the met the producer when we did that low medium. Burt was in studio warming up. He said go with stuff. But no we believed in jeff. Yup and and this. Bobby robinson bobby cologne is the brother of sylvia robinson on sugar hill records. Yeah but he will fought bobby. Robson's out in the streets trying to find groups. Oh and we were one groups and that's of the things in my life. I have to say. I really regret that. We all the work that we had easy l. myself bird even jazzy. Andre felt senior. That always yup. Yup we had this whole movement and the moment trust us to the studio took us to the studio. We did it to the studio and we chase our whole concept and our believe for one individual de on him when gladys people do. That wasn't don't don't don't follow mind. May follow your own. Mind thing that you believe because this was shot he shot is calling in shahi johnson. Shaheed shots rope half hour lyrics. Our money mike my shot that we will all grown like the hottest teenagers out there. We have followers from different. Boroughs followed everywhere. We went when i. When i tell you right when i tell you two chicks following me to my mom's back today day this is the troop. Absolutely right on. Sean mccoy back. I'm maybe you are absolutely right. On a motivational. Monday barbie cologne. You're absolutely right. You have a dream you follow your dreams says if a person comes into your life trying to get you to the next level which dream they have to be on that that same path which never compromise and i'm sharing this because it happened to l. in myself and shot. He happened to us. Because we were so in law to this guy who was like one of the first ever rat legend. We jumped on it right. We gave him that be sped away to know. At the time that he was washed up he would do his. Thank you trying to keep relevant but the thing is producing fast song was it like like a hot producer coming into you like the we got all these hot songs and take you to another level. That wasn't the case. Knock dopes routines. That could win on wax and we would went. I mean i'm just saying jenkins after. You know after the fact him just like twenty twenty twenty hindsight and that's what i learned. I learned that lesson early. Bobby any life. That was a brutal lesson to learn. Johnny years old to work thing about her and bobby to let everybody know that once we got is once we started to the buzz. Got around about us. We had made. Joe rat roots people. That was audio wreckage. Drillers flashing the bottom coming to our soldiers district now and it was like okay. Who is these new cats. You know we had to from every borough whatever at we go to harlem world there'd be packed with the superstars. Yes they wouldn't perform. Watch your he is not he is not lying about this and we have opportunities to go over ways and the thing is we didn't take advantage of jeff just getting us in the studio because once he got us in the studio. That's all we needed but we was all right. We don't go what you you're gonna go what you got and we should just we right olga an brutal regret that ozzy's lobby. I'm life you. Don't we all know all of us had lived the life of your life you damn and that was the moment we went into that studio. We didn't happen as young boys at that time ago. Yo we don't. We're not doing that. Yeah we own hills because he already succeed. He was the first black goo on saturday night. Live right so to us. We'd like okay. We all right. We're good thank you put. The thing is right. Bobby robinson the a set it. He said you're just yoga. Thank yup and we didn't listen. We cocaine yes. We did have a lot to play in that we did. We was professional enough shots at alcohol. Involved i'm keep aware real barbie cologne. That definitely played and what we will in the studio one how we play paul and this was syria.

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