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What is the relationship between and Ken Workman and Kevin Young such as are they close friends or not? Now they're they're not close friends but I don't believe they've ever been like hostile towards each other or anything. Something like that when Ken Workman returned from figure square to give you the cigarettes. Were your parents aware that you had return to your house or did you mention it to them at any time. Now they to my knowledge anyway they didn't know and I didn't mention it to them. Is there anything else that you I wish to add to this statement. Well Yeah I guess I just like to reassure you that I'll I'll tell you any new information when I remember it but I really have nothing else to say now. More Friends of Dan driver arrived at the Shaker Heights police station to give statements similar. Jonathan Georgia's that they had overheard Kevin Young say he wanted to murder Lisa pruitt route. The police learned that Kevin was due to leave town that Sunday to begin classes at Ohio. State University armed with the statements for multiple multiple teenagers. The detective secured a search warrant for the young family. Home Affidavit for search warrant of young residents Kevin Young Son of j Talbot Young Junior does reside on on away. Road Shaker Heights Ohio Ohio. This warrant states the Kevin Young New Lisa Pruitt and her boyfriend Daniel driver that in June of nineteen eighteen ninety at Arabic. Coffee House at Shaker. Square Cleveland Ohio. Kevin Young stated in the presence of several Shaker Heights high school students he desired to kill Lisa pro and Dan Dreifort that Kevin Young was seen at Arabic Coffee House. Cleveland Ohio on the evening meaning of September Thirteenth Nineteen Ninety and learned from Kenny. James Workman that Daniel driver was home for medical treatment that at the time and in the presence of witnesses Kevin Young became emotionally distraught crying uncontrollably and appeared angry intermittently that Kevin Young was observed. Walking in the Shaker Heights area toward South Woodland road at approximately eleven pm that evening that on September Fourteenth Nineteen Ninety Kevin Young argued with friends about the homicide indicating facts known at this time only two investigative again authorities including preliminary findings from the Cuyahoga County. Coroner's office that the victim was not raped and further. The Kevin Young through reliable information said to be an unstable individual an ordinarily jealous of male female relationships and is known to carry a switchblade or lock knife. It is necessary to conduct this search in the night because this request is made at eleven forty five pm on September Fifteenth Nineteen Ninety Wendy and that Kevin Young is known to be leaving for Ohio State University on September Sixteenth Nineteen Ninety and the evidence sought is subject to you destruction if not retrieved at once while detectives -tective searched. The young family home. Kevin Young was formally interviewed by police. Detectives this interview occurred after midnight. That Saturday night Dan. I'm Lisa from band earlier this year and I got to be friends with Dan sister later on in March. I got to be friends with Dan. That's about the time I got to be friends with Lisa. I got to know her. I it wasn't really good friends with her. That's how I know them Thursday morning. I don't remember much. I remember hanging out at Arabica until about four pm it it might have been later than that time really meant nothing to me. At the time I went back around seven pm or eight PM. I waited until TEX got off work. We sat there there for a few minutes. The two of US went to the shack. He mentioned a potential Robitussin party at the Dreifort House. I'm almost positive that he mentioned that. Lisa and Chris Jones. We're going over to the driver towels at quarter to eleven PM. We paid our checks left the shack in headed our separate ways. I went home. I got there few minutes. After eleven o'clock I try to go to bed at around quarter to twelve and did not sleep well that night now. We're at Friday at eight thirty in the morning. My mom woke me up told me the taxes the door and wanted to talk to me. My mom already knew what happened to Lisa Techs told me that Lisa had been murdered and raped that night. You also mentioned stab wounds. I met up with text again slightly before noon at Arabica. It was there that he got hysterical. He was worried about people thinking that he did it because he loved his knife at the driver's house. Also when text mentioned the murderers. He told me that Lisa was found in the backyard of the Drivers House. Friday around noon Texan. I left for Arabica and headed for the shack. It was there that he was accusing Dan. dreifort of Lisa's murder. He was threatening to kill Dan of he found found out that Dan Killed Lisa. He also asked me to mention to the police. If I was questioned where I was with him Thursday night. I told him I would tell the police. We left the shack at quarter. Eleven as happened the also told me he was worried because he had no alibi. He said he left the dry for towels at eleven fifteen pm that evening. He told me that the bus US ran an hour. Late or took an hour caught a buzz. At Twelve Fifteen A.. And arrived home at twelve thirty. Am Friday afternoon before Debbie got in town on tax was a wreck. He was smoking like a fiend very scared and like I said accusing Dan's Reifer deb. Got In around one fifteen pm in the afternoon noon. Having caught the rapid going eastbound on the green road line for a while. She was convinced as well that her brother had killed his girlfriend Lisa. She had also heard rumors. Where's that Lisa had been? Raped prior to being murdered. Thought that her brother semen was in Lisa. I don't know what else to say. After the five o'clock news came on. It was pretty obvious to everyone everyone that Dan had not done it. I ran into Texas again at Arabica briefly. I was on my way to Coventry so I only stayed a little while he was then blaming naming a stranger that none of us know that was I think the last time I saw him Friday. He mentioned that he had been called in for questioning at least once as for today. Today I spent just about all day with Ken. It's Mojo and had very little contact with tax. I did see him tonight at the shack with Debbie and a lady named Becky I think her last name is Myers. Texts mentioned that he'd been called in four times. Now that brings us to when I was called in for questioning. I'm really worried that text did this. I hope it's not true but if he did this for me because of a crush on Lisa back around the time of the Germany trip. This'll be on my conscience forever. I've nothing more to say before given the statement were you advised of your constitutional rights and did you fully understand them. I was so advised. I understood them. Are you at the present time under the influence of any alcohol or drugs. I am not the mail you relate late to as techs. What is full name his name? Is Ken Workman you. State that when your mother woke you up on Friday morning and September Fourteenth Nineteen Ninety eight thirty. Am that she had already heard about the death of Lisa Pra. How did she know this? A friend had called her. I don't remember who but I could ask her so that I understand you correctly. Ken Workman advise you on the morning of September Fourteenth Eighteen nineteen ninety to make sure you told the police that you are with him until ten forty five pm the previous evening is that correct. That's true did. Ken Workman ask you the Tel.. The please any other information relative to him he did not you stated when you saw can work men at a Rabah cut at about noon on September fourteenth nineteen ninety that he was hysterical. Could you explain what you mean. He was worried that people would think think he killed Lisa. He mentioned a knife of his that he thought was in the driver's house. He was also saying that he was convinced that Dan driver killed Lisa. We went to the shack at about out noon probably earlier. He was smoking a lot of cigarettes chain smoking after a while. We both kind of burst into tears. Techs told me I was the best friend it ever had. Have you ever known can workman to carry a knife. I cannot say for sure but I'm almost positive that he has carried a knife on occasion when you met. That can workman at Arabica later on later on in the evening of Thursday September thirteenth. Nineteen Ninety did you observe him to be riding a bicycle bicycle. I did not see him with or riding a bicycle that night. To the best of my recollection on the same evening September Thirteenth Nineteen Ninety. You stated you left Arabica and went to the shack with Ken Workman did he have a bike with him. Then I did not see a bike so that I understand you correctly when you walked from Rabah to the shack can workman also walked. He walked with me from Arabica to the Shack on September thirteenth. Nineteen ninety you when you left the shack and walked home. Which route did you follow Shaker? Boulevard to Van Aken north of Arabica from Van Aken. I took like a left at the traffic intersection onto drexel more from drugs more. I took Woodbury a took woodbury on away. Road where anway school is then around the school oval to their. Did you ever have sexual intercourse with Lisa pruitt. I did not to to your knowledge. Do you know anyone who did. Dan told me that he did. I'm pretty sure that Dan was her first. That's the way he described it to me. Dan Dandruff I or anyone else. Invite you or asked you to come over to the dreifort house in the evening hours of September Thirteenth Nineteen Ninety. Nobody invited me. Did Ken Workman tell you what time he got home. After he left the Drivers House. He said twelve thirty a M. How did he say he got home? He said he took the bus. He also said it didn't come for an hour. Did he tell you where he caught the bus and where let him off he did not. Is there anything you wish to add to your statement be like crap and I really need him sleep breath. Nothing of value was found during the search of the young family home. They had no confession no murder weapon. No bloody clothes and Kevin's father alibi him. They were playing video games at the time. Lisa was murdered. UH-HUH I.

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