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Get people crossing the border because they can't get there. In addition defensing with me Schumer, also argued that the president doesn't need five billion dollars for wall. Because. He has yet to spend the one point seven billion for border security. They already gave him. All right. Let's go back to what he said walls. He says don't work. Here's Hector Garza of the border patrol council. Democrats were quick to Georgia border patrol agents. And what are ages out there? It's so secret or rescue a lot of people on a regular basis, they they'd be recognized. But a lot of our members in congress. Now, they were saying that some of these kids need medical checkups that they needed all these services, well, fun border security, give us the money. So we can do our job payers paychecks give us the proper money. So that we can have the resources we can train board maturity deserves paramedics as it is. We have a lot of ages that are certified as paramedics so that we can provide that medical attention to those people are coming to our custody. But again, they're quick to criticize but gives the funding from the boys curry from the border wall. One of the points that Chuck Schumer made in his interview with the CBS local reporter, New York is that nobody was talking about a wall back in two thousand six two. Thousand nine nobody. Here's part of an interview that William Berkeley did Jan September fourteenth nineteen seventy seven what's that forty one years ago interviewing the then mayor of Baja California Roberto de LA dread here is what Buckley said to him. We know we know that illegal immigration from Mexico has risen one thousand. In the last fourteen years would would your government be sympathetic or not sympathetic to attempts to physically obstruct that movement by visiting some sort of a wall along our common frontier. No, no, no, no, no. Nobody was talking about a wall back in two thousand six two thousand nine hundred Schumer. This is nineteen seventy seven giving you some idea of how severe this problem has been. Here's what Buckley said to the then governor of Baja California. But the reality is right now are that your country on a massive scale, your citizens are violating American laws on a massive scale. And we don't quite know what to do about it. And you are certainly not coming up with any ideas, the effective word. We'll be to cut down on that lesion. So we've maybe headed towards a certain ugliness. We've requires Royd. We know we know that illegal immigration from Mexico has risen one thousand sat in the last fourteen years. Let's get his response to the proposition of how would Mexico feel if we built a walk. You've just now told us governor that it's up to every country to police it's own loss. It's not up to Mexico for the United States to to police their loss. It's up the United States. You just now said that. So what's the problem with us building? A wall said Buckley. Would would your government be sympathetic or not sympathetic to attempts to physically obstruct that movement? By building some sort of a wall along our common. Frontier certainly not why not. If you accept the responsibility of providing a home for your own citizens as I just said a while ago and all Mexicans have the right to return to Mexico at any time. Not disputing their right to pretend Mexico's disputing their right to come to the United States without an American visa, well, that's the problem the United States, you're the one who should I say. In other words, if we had it the other way around where people from the United States, we're coming into Mexico. It would be up to us to see that these. US citizens did not come into Mexico without the necessary documents Mexicans financing this war. I'm simply asking what would Mexican opinion v? If such a war were constructed, we would that under the conscience of the people of the United States here that I'm not asking you to pay for the wall. I'm asking you what what's your opinion be? If we constructed it, and he said he was still against it. And then he said, well, it's up to the conscience of the people United States, I'm into Mexico without the necessary documents. I'm not talking about Mexicans financing this war. I'm simply asking what would Mexican opinion? Be. If such a wall were constructed we with that under the conscience of the people the United States. Well, do they want? They wall between Mexico, and they want this. They want to do something about illegal immigration because it is. It is a problem that by everybody's reckoning is getting out of hand. We're talking about a ten twelve million people whereas only four hundred thousand people are legally admitted every. Nancy Pelosi has referred to a wall as an M morality. This was a conversation that Buckley had forty one years ago with feet, then governor of Baja California Mexico. Why would you have an objection to a wall? We would be you just now said didn't you? That it's up to the countries themselves to police are own countries to police their own borders. So what skin off you if we put up a wall, and we pay for it. You heard his answer. Well, I got to the conscious of the American people. How could he possibly object? What would your objection be? You have the military on the border Guatemala to make sure the quantum Marlins don't come into your country illegally. Why would you give a rip if Americans want to spend the money, however, foolishly in your opinion to build a wall? If it's on American property. Why? I didn't hear a good answer. Come back on me give you some more of this interview. And also, the mayor of Shiloh Israel talks about what happened the first year that they built a wall, and how that affected legal entry into Israel, all that and more Christian bale, thank Satan for giving him the inspiration. Dick cheney. Brad Sherman says Trump should be impeached. Even if there's nothing in the mother report, hey, why wait for that? Ciro co hosted the Golden Globes and saluted diversity. This is the moment when I see real.

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