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Fans. That is a great thing. Yeah. Complaining about their fans, not being as real as your fans because maybe your fans booed you or because maybe your fans got a president fired and got somebody else in place. That's not something necessarily do you can say is a great thing. You can say it's good that they care, but to compare it against Atlanta United and what they have, that's where he misses me with that. I love Jim Curtin. That's all I'm going to say to start my point right here, but I think that was lame. That was absolutely lame. On cult four. If there's a rivalry between organizations, Philly and Atlanta, that's totally fine. I'm here for it. I love Ryan Reese. I love managers taking jabs at other managers. The story fine. But you get a peek your battles because he could have picked so many other things about the Atlanta United as organization to go hard at that they don't have their own stadium that the turf is terrible. It costs a lot of sad, long-lasting injuries that they have spent a lot of money in players and the results are not there. He could have picked a lot of different things. Not the fence. Well, he knows exactly what he's going for. He's by no means a dummy. This man's not intelligent people and Major League Soccer, but what I'm trying to say, he knows exactly what he's doing. And if there's one model that's the exact opposite affiliate. Exactly. Exactly. So he knows exactly where he's going with this. Yeah, but that's why I said it's just linked to go at the fence. Because by the way, to your point, I think it speaks volumes of the fan base that is just not the locals that go there. If the party is great, that's exactly what you want. That is a league, right? As an entity. That is exactly that to one that your product, even though the results are not great for Atlantic. If the party is great, and you have 50,000 people spending the spending $200 of food and beer. I believe it was 60,000 this weekend in LA. So think about this with losing seasons that they've had after Tata martino. They've been able to not only keep their fan base, but generate new fans with losing seasons with poor results. And spending a lot of money on players. That speaks volumes of what they're doing right and you should applaud that. All right, we'll stick to Atlanta United. Gonzalo Pineda is the manager, right? And he was asked about the differences between coaching and league IMA keys and Major League Soccer. Now granted, he's never been a manager or a coach in Mexican soccer. After he retired from playing in Major League Soccer, he stayed at Seattle Sanders as an assistant, and now is the head coach at Atlanta United. This is what he had to say to the quote, I don't think there are many young Mexican coaches getting the opportunity out there. I think their processes are cut off extremely quickly. Right now we can see that it's barely week 5. And already two coaches are out. That is not very common in Major League Soccer here. They give you time to work and for a young coach, the short term kills you because they want you to be in the tough places in four games. In

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