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Pulled are probably looking at this game saying, man, did my chance to either make the World Cup squad or have a certain role at the World Cup, just go out the window. If you're one of those four guys that got pulled at the hat, you're not feeling great. You're not feeling great at all. It's the penultimate game. This is the second to last chance for holders. We will talk about this a little more in depth but when certain players move up the depth chart or get locked in and they're not even part of the camp, that tells you a lot. That tells you about the performance you saw. It was as lackluster of a first half as I've seen from Greg berhalter and all his tenure with the U.S. men's national team. Last time I saw a U.S. men's national team that played this way, was a three zero loss to Mexico in New Jersey. Literally, when I thought they were just played off the pitch. You could say Costa Rica in the last game, but that may have been circumstantial, but the last time I truly felt like this was that three zero loss. All right, so real quick here. It's the second to last match before the World Cup. But it's also two months until the World Cup. So given that performance, yes, given that performance on a scale of one to ten, how worried are you about the U.S. and Qatar? One of ten, 6 because I think being the worst. My expectations for the U.S. miss nationally are a little bit more tame than most famous. I would say. You certainly thought they would do better than a two zero defeat against Japan on neutral ground, right? Of course. Of course, they got bullied by Japan. On neutral ground. But also, what are they? One win in the last ten away from home. That tells you a lot, right? Zero. Doesn't mean a lot of that is kind of qualified. But what I will say is, and I repeat the complexion of this team changes a lot more. When you got guys like Anthony Robinson, Chris Richards, you got Eunice moose on the field. When you got Timothy waya, who's getting locked in without even playing. Right. Proving how explosive and how vital he can be to the U.S. miss national team, U.S. men's national team team without even playing Seb. So the complexion can be very different with a lot of these players on the field. All right, so let's run through a quick stock up stock down here of some of the key performance that we had an eye on in this game. It's really United States and Japan. We gotta start perks since it is your show and you are a number 9. At number 9 Jesus Ferreira got the start today. Did his stock go up or her did it go down?

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