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About him ibrahim ahead. You know now that. I make i couldn't you know Mic data points does nearby. Too little we own go now. Give a relationship between the two because the dubai affair figure demand before yes dubai. I talk to them about the sponsor terrorism for nigeria with a conscious in new sedan. Gu then go. They go file you know. Go fire you know litigation blah blah blah blah. Older stores do your talk of the name dot com. Get second type. Alto the model two or three weeks that matas shabby established it. Oh they establish this month a terrorism boats why you is dot question. What do you call my mind. Bc to shoot terrorism. Not wanting to name an shame. This person's sure. See that is actually that agenda agenda be we cannot open ourselves expos as madonna goto sea breeze blew foul public us. Yes says open. We cannot do that and even if anybody document and everything asked about similarly new goofy do anything i didn't say as matab islamically legislate every one of them. We did this so we come both until you not being not go apple the indigenous present for nigeria and then go stick by there was to teach up so you could say the statement did very clear so we did the on ground at the moments now. Agenda talks agenda lucrative. They're going for the country Moment look at how the security services the operate right. Now you see people policemen. They do end saas the or the other time it just black. Doucet ping was ever learned from the insights tattle agenda. Currently more people have been cute. But same. Forsman seem forcement if i own on friday here is afraid to. Here's young man. One young man arrived in me. That'd be moses adamou okay. Oh i'm evan to say you listened to package they give it a industry. I wanted night. The kalem for tone here should offer a tie. It got lost a little blood because of his sister marriage and it died before the deal when assist. I won't do marriage in nights to win is to marriage they should around four forty the guy. It's o'clock in the evening and the police beyond all right now. They talk on the issue of mistaken identity. Ninety four state. Better oleg come out now on. Which state mitzi no tabulates again with the push you and at the end one medappa seen when labasa speights ninety pusher wednesday bullet congo guy got clear terrorism as we speak right now. Scandanavia countries police. They use the gopher hunt and crime rate. Did they exceedingly lou williams they use or they use weapons if our before you become policeman country when you listen to foreign countries now you will remember. The coffee specialty. Donald all prison goes no business as your las. Nobody nobody in business before you become police officer as you will. i go. University gave university finish. Don't get a carrier. Bali the tests. You psychologically so what i know about six then then scrum-half this screwed on your showed us when a don't ya doku carry group police. We don't go. Police go finish they carry. You need anything like say you won't carry guns but for here you'll see you. Security just vigilant t. But you don't a gone. Don't hold on. I mean that is. It's a natural thing to our us pakistan rows of this now state sponsored terrorism. You intimidate people to a point where people don't lose hots whether you're gay. Don't you see my trauma donepezil body. Nobody does speak for the person assembly national. Some lucy was the postal. Say we put them for position and speak for us. We're mata like these. Don't come to biden bring to you. Don't bring matter like this america. Durant it bring nobody they legislate they hear anything tangible conversation where they protect the interest and the well being of the julius dot me say this the page. It's it's a group of terrorists combined together to terrorize the indigenous people of juror. Now they're supposed to terrorism. It is but my people. Don't want wanna my google comeback again bittu. It's either listen to nine for me for me. International line radio station. This morning did discuss this money now. God dishes statements. This time around. It does that it does start again presidency. They're getting you on sometime ago. Be reform michelle minister late. I will be ministry of whatever been right now residency for. I love presidency from your addition folksy. You get into a stolen piece. Take notes to name on tarazi. Madonna look get it tries to me and at the same time. Shame amy body. Which muniz the people wendy disposal sheep alga local neckarsulm busy government. That's it must be said they may julian's but the ip end the indigenous people of niger nano does section again so you see now to niger. We get no we get we get the nigerians. Are we getting not people of nigeria. Not too yeah okay. Then i g not the government's the system the oligarchs the people if sponsor assistant what did it pushes people pulsa way. They'll go calmer. Decide say a vacancy for presidency now. North goo continue to presence. Ah one of my statements. Yes thank won't just a year the pattern of it's so so you'll be the payers them with a go on for this country a on it. Don't kill people tell for. Badri will be say they don't see it. Black a black would be say they don't off the population already so in. Ob now if you just if you're hungry for blows go by you don't open assiduity. forbidden fell just. They don't care to say people could walk ally. This did like leaving cops already. Only be necessarily it is going to go because the almighty bless the day would die off so just a whiff of the brunette with their idea. Name on address puts the he called me dim. Now see just before this go places for for You know southbound kaduna almost the christian please because other already knows it is w sacrificial offering you just need power right now so you need see you need to talk this one now because you explain up you did it. Did they position it as a president who be somebody. Chaban shane to lame station. Do you e- now. You know why you living to use island historica. Lee said you're now you're multiplayer coffee to take me talk. So when fifty fully defined onto you know this all this young. So as the matter beano people for saddam If you just need power say you need power. You need blood. Sacrifice just entered an. They don't finish again. One of the programs basile guy modiin allies. Will we hear the story when Inaugu state governor call to presidency. Es this the some people way no one name and she soon so amendment the governor go make focal four hours kept on.

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