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Hello and welcome to seriously the new statesman costs that takes pop culture seriously i'm caroline anomalous kebich this week which was talking about the bbc crime drama mafia on the fourth series of black mira we've also got a very exciting announcement about a new book related thing that window ching to make sure you stay tuned him more about that later in the episode hello welcome back to another episode of serious lay it saw first episode of 2018 how exciting you excited caroline i am excited i also have like jenn ruled january weariness but other than that it's a nice bit worked becoming magdi yeah it is so i am back at work like five days attened already christmas seems like a distant memory but i did have a really fun kind of movie filled christmas where i just kind of sound the safe undid pretty much nothing old and just did not think about what was productive meet to watch for work astle and it was great i watch them old movies i watched laura which is from like 1944 and i won't sherard 'cause i we used to iced unlike funds 17yearold and i watched i think all humvees except chirad so i watched off the first times while not was quite fun and i just love what to things like guys and dolls though ways on the tally gave a christmas i just such great especially like postchristmas you want a fullon like muppets christmas carol moment but you d one like something festive so i really enjoyed watching like a bunch of old musicals as well oh that's nice yeah we don't actually have a tv we john i don't normally no tie in can't i know ed bloody il i don't normally notice this a tool because i just watch you know wherever is on at the moment biwott chip via catt chuck online except your bought at christmas i did so of notice because that is i think the one time of year were i do still normally like plunked down in front of wherever his own rather than making deliberate selections you know my boyfriend got me the complete box out of all creatures great and small oh went god or cough sake caroline and guy yes yes sir launch cry thought with now on lexi's in fourth.

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