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That's when I started charging one thousand dollars for my program, and now everybody does the work and now everybody gets reaction or results not everybody about a lot of them do and believe it or not my refund rate did not go. So I'm making a bigger impact in people's lives I'm getting them the results that they want and they need and That's part of now afford extra coaches didn't make sure they have support I. Love that. Because you do so many different things. Now, this is one of the things this I'm asking personally because I am add admittedly an I've got like. My Cue of projects that I have it. It's just it's all is getting added to book speaking writing whatever. You're the same way. But you have monetize so many things and had crushed. It was so much success in these different lanes. At this point in your life, how do you prioritize where where your attention goes and where you're going to get the greatest return and I just mean monetary return know personal fulfilment how how do you categorize and prioritize those things? Oh I. Don't know not very well. Because I've also got a case of squirrels. Go, next squirrel in chasing Squirrel I. Have a team that helps me. Faruk is my business partner and Jacob is my EA opium I dunno whatever the keeper of Rachel Sanity. and. Together, they kind of help. Make me go on the right fast. Okay let's I want to talk about that though because that's one of the things that I I struggle with really early in my career whenever I was scaling my real estate business, I had this mindset. I need every penny that this company's making I cannot afford to pay somebody six figures to be a coo in run the thing I've got to have that money. explained to the listener, how important it is to realize. You hanging on to all the stuff is actually a detriment to your business because I have a beautiful gorgeous wife that Anad in love with is my best friend is a business partner who thinks and this is probably true. She can do everything she does better than anybody else but because of that, she won't release any of it. So I had this conversation a lot so. What point did you realize?.

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