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I k- i had actually checked a number of sources and they did seem to to alternate between adam adam and i thought. I don't want to get this wrong. I don't know which one is exactly wrought because depending on which socio listen to it so there are two options. You can a three options one. You can actually just get it wrought but then the next one is to say quickly and no one really notices the third option is to turn away from the mock slightly when he signed it and it just muffles it just enough that no one. No one's oh did he say oh moving on and the podcast moves on and flies past that point so these were the secrets that i was relying on the secrets that you have now exposed to. The world sean. Thank you for making every podcast as job. Just that little bit hotter. Well now hold on. I'm coming right back at you. He what happens when all. I have to say someone's name like chamara week remedy jaka who is the macquarie bank ceo. Do you now. How long is paint giving wick remedy. Jaka would out well and even then. I don't think you've quite got it raw because it so you'd be while you're there attempting it on their researching the pronunciation. I fondly found a video on youtube where the mkhori bank. Ceo introduced herself. And so i thought that is the perfect source and none of us not me not you. Not adam have ever gotten. It quashed rot. It is slightly different. But at least i haven't tried to rush it so that no one would understand what i was saying. Which is what you did with item. Some uric shattner. I'm out. I want to talk about the unexpected consequences of covered so we had a couple of really interesting stories this week. Chocolate cocoa prices arising gain up six percent north america europe and asia. It's because demand for chocolate has gone through the roof in the last couple of months as people are traveling again. What i didn't know is that there's a huge amount of chocolate sold through duty-free shops so when people were travelling. They weren't selling chocolate list. Demand prices fell. I thought that was really cool. That's that's got to be rubbish now. It's then there was the avocado story. Basically there's a glut of advocaat does the reason is a god of avocados in australia's is more paintings. That's part of it but also people aren't going to the cafes in having smashed avocado for breakfast as a result demands out there surprise be. I think that's really another little consequence of that. We haven't thought much about but ye can't me though sean that everybody. Stocking lockdown has not increased their chocolate consumption. It is it is a comfort food that people. I can't go anywhere else. They get to watch a lot more. Tv they guide to really over indulge in the streaming services. They gonna be drinking more. And what are they gonna do. They guide to eat more chocolate. I'm calling bs. Michael comfort food. And maybe there's some of us amongst us even on this podcast that bring the average up foot chocolate consumption. So let's just say theoretically the three of us arena. What is your favorite delivery mechanism for. Comfort fade out have to say in chocolate race and times the big thumping blocks of tobe lauren and is big chunks..

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