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Boston's clergy sex abuse scandal former boston street priest paul shanley will be released from prison later on this week shanley served twelve years in a sentence for child rape wbz's ben parker tells us shanley's victims and their advocates are outraged seoul awaiting final reports the middlesex the as officers to qualified examiners have concluded that surely does not satisfy the legal criteria to be considered a sexually dangerous person troubling news twitter individual garabedian tie after respectfully disagree with that given sexually abused upon dozens of innocent children over decades and decade clergy sex abuse survivor phil savvy ought also of the image of shanley's release could trigger trauma for those he hurt the childhood memories were so horrific and so in banded that when the least expect is something with trigger them memory ben parker wbz newsradio 1030 shanley will have to register as a sex offender a new report from bu researchers shows a high incidence of brain disease in former football players the numbers alarming the story from wbz's doug cope of one hundred eleven former nfl players brains study by boston university research searchers one hundred ten ninety nine percent showed signs of c t e of degenerative brain disease cte could lead to confusion depression and dementia dr anne mckee it'd be used says we need to get on top of this disease what we need to do i think it's come together to really understand this disease identified living people stop the player from being exposed.

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