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And look at the er ray over six and not the stopper that he is supposed to be as the socalled days just about everybody else has been for the most sparred as slight so in the sixgame losing streak sure he could talk about the your fans any could talk about solo home runs instead of threerun home runs and you could talk about the defense he could talk about the bullpen whatever you wanna talk from but to me the key is and remains since the begin the season tanaka and yet in the in the spring training he they didn't guy give up anything and he was the la to victory what greg bird wednesday adding and one is just totally ineffective in the other one is on the outside looking in with the the with the issue that he has with the greg bird but nonetheless tanaka to me in the sixgame losing streak could not stop the bleeding and watching on sunday with louise sesaon i mean he got by the first inning looking good and then it was all downhill after that and the bullpen as have been very good a lot of this is the he's coming back down to earth now whether this is going to be consisted winning and losing you could look at it with the bright side of yuri cuban on the plus side they won there are six in six in their last twelve which is as i say the more positive way to look at a sixgame losing streak in a long season you're going to have losing streak said you just hope that you keep them in a men among however it's losing to weigh in on time and losing a togoland which is a little bit air retaining as we say in their trade of your yankee fan the thing with the guam on sunday he was absolutely brilliant you're talking about an as with monday last monday against the gobsmacked then sunday the aid innings and finishing that eightinning vice striking are brice harbury only gave up the three hits the one run was unearned bags said two floors suwed came to the ballpark without a glove but would you look at the overall big share with us though four.

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