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And i know that this bothers some people but you whether it's nature or nurture it is the reality men and women actually are different and they complement each other in their roles A mother and father play different roles a man and society jin rowley wants to be in some way protector. They may do it in different ways. Summer strong and in arm up and they're gonna fight for their family. Some work themselves to the bone and let their wife stay home with the family. But it's it's they all have different views obt protector. Men in society need some level of guidance and care and society itself has viewed minutes dominant and in the woke culture of the day into the critical theory of the day. Men are oppressor class. They are a dominant class. It had been as a species are bad. They need to be contained and constrained and feminist and mark driscoll as a pastor was a pastor instead. Oh hell no we. We need to be in charge in fact at his church marciel. They'd courage women to stay home with the kids and into work. If you've got to work two jobs to make ends meet so your family can't keep up with jolt us now that you should be doing that. Men go work two three jobs so your wife stay old and you make lots of babies. In one day you would hear at the earth. Now you may not like all of that in fact a lotta people dole but the reality is that men need some level of guidance and in so doing with the guidance men need to have some care placed on how they find their way the world men need to have relationships with other men and part of the off pity off-putting portion of this is that a society has idealized gay relationships that i don't mean this to i don't hear me. I'm not disparaging it. I'm just. I'm saying that we as a society have internalized if you have a deep meaningful relationship with a man maybe you're too gay dudes and you don't even know it. We look at the story for example of jonathan and david in the bible and a lot of people maybe they were actually closley. No they were at a deep meaningful for chip and then need that and and they need some level of feeling like they're in control of their lives and destiny. They need to feel protective of others. You may not like this but you now. One of the problems here is that. We're seeing this bro. Culture developed we see it with the proud boys. We see it now in in i. I thought i've got friends of mine and don't mean to disparage them or criticize them. But it's very this this masculine christianity. Now we've lost the soft touch of jesus and we're back to the jesus who throws punches. We've come back to where mark driscoll was with mars. Ill in men need to. They need to learn to box. They need to go to the gym and throw metals around. Which i love to do and i need to do more of it but nonetheless i hope you see my point that men have felt lost and now these cultures are coming up to To to incentivize min to focus on the masculine nature of male hood through cross fit through exercise through getting together with friends in driscoll's point when he was the pastor at mars hill was that men are either go off in porn..

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