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No, we road see if there are problems are Kevin. You can see a lot of things in those cameras. You got a ton of them. They're the super retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes If you please. Alright, I'm looking at a couple of cameras right now, when watching slowdowns here on the sterile Dr Eastbound just after the BU Bridge got this right lane crew. Was just the left lane getting by And in fact, it looks like they're moving up just a little bit now as I'm watching the camera, So you got some slowdown sterile, jive eastbound after the BU Bridge. Beyond that you're looking pretty good. All the way over to leverage Circle rested. Downtown's okay, heading in from the airport. No trouble. The airport tunnels south of town. The expressway. Here we go. Start to pick up that volume. Some reduce speeds will call it through South Bay and down through Savin Hill beyond the gas tank it back up to speed and looking pretty good down to the Braintree split. North bound expressway Little company coming out of the merge here in Braintree. But then you're okay. A pass Neponset and Columbia Road Route three. South bound. No troubles. Getting down past that Derby Street Lane dropped 24 95 carrying light volume up to the north through one's a good ride off the Tobin Bridge all the way up through the Saugus stretch and into the Lynnfield Tunnel. Supported sponsored by pearls, olives in the sunny yellow package. Iraq a healthy diet with pearls 100%, California grown black, ripe olives picked at the peak of freshness, Pearls, olives gives your meals and snacks and extra burst of flavor for quality you can trust. Look for the sunny yellow package and get cash back on I Bata Having Brennan WBC's traffic on the threes, Kevin Thanks so much today, And now that forecast here's dean of war,.

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