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Ravens williams prior to this conversation. I said last hour on the show. I was probably. We had a lot of a lot of stuff going on i just to sell. I was just as the one i latched onto so shows how much i'm listening to nick. During the first hour of the thais tyson williams right there. I got brad. Let me ask you about one of the teams that we're doing in our three day segment now which we didn't get to in the first hour. I just want to ask you kind of generally about jacksonville. So obviously urban meyer like names. Trevor lawrence the starter and you gets traded to philadelphia and yet certain media personalities are like urban meyer's genius like he played this perfectly other people are like. Why would you deprive trevor lawrence first team reps. The entire time i. I'm really struggling to figure out. Like i feel like there's some disaster potential here. Maybe there's also some potential. They're really good. Because it's the best one of the best college coaches of all time and legendary quarterback like. Where do you come down like. What's more likely like disaster jacksonville going under that. Six and a half win. Total or like overachieved maybe even contend for the division with with urban meyer and trevor lords urban meyer's giant with that in mind. I'm hammering the under here on this. I gotta do is point to what he did over the weekend. And then there's this myriad things you stack up one after another of head-scratching maneuvers. You know there's been some disgruntled this on the team. Because they had you mike on the field..

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