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Los Angeles coming up hospitals are fearful of coming up short with the necessary medical supplies during this outbreak more on that story just ahead first traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five six three twenty five time to check in with loose hours the start off in the northbound five at Vista del Lago and this is near pyramid lake in this see if he's going to be running a traffic break so big rig can get as tired changes so that's in the slow lane they may have to close down the third lane as well so just be aware of that as you're going up the hill there and then in the supposed to pass in the four or five south at Skirball center drive offramp the disabled vehicle is at the bottom of the ramp so it's not affecting your drive on that south for a five headed down the hill and in Hollywood they're still working on getting a tow truck this is for Chris single car crash on the one one south to run around our streets right after the on ramp that is still there waiting for a tow truck and sambar to Dino on the fifteen north after the two fifteen a car versus a big ring the cars in the center divider and the rig is over on the right shoulder and just be where it's raining it's foggy is just a mess there and also chain control if you're going to go up to the mountains eighteen thirty eight one thirty eight and a three thirty and the Angeles crest highway I'm sure we'll have to have changed to get up there full closures in Westminster four oh five north shut down beats to golden west agora hills the one one south shut down Chesbro road to liberty canyon that should be lifting up within the hour next reports coming up at three thirty five I least hours for traffic reports more often canisters seventy newsradio temperatures should be right around normal for this time of the year clouds and the rain in the forecast for early part of.

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