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On the threes traffic and weather together the fourday wbz accuweather forecast now what is brought to you by the van loan school at endicott cottage here's accu weather meteorologist danielle knittle anti of clouds for this afternoon winds will be gradually increasing as well and we'll see some brain over her region the steadiest of which will be falling to the west of the city throughout the afternoon will see their rain beginning to overspread on the city and heading towards the keep later on in the day a high this afternoon 65 bev rain continues into ten died and i'll be heavy enough to lead to some localized flooding will also have some very strong pressing locally damaging winds developing as well those winston i can be as high as about sixty miles an hour low tonight fifty nine four to borrow the rain all be ending early in the day we'll stay blustery with cloud it is giving way to some sunshine 62 degrees early tomorrow temperatures will fall through the 50s throughout the afternoon hours and looking try tuesday and wednesday partly to mostly sunny skies will be in the mid to upper 50s i'm accuweather meteorologist danielle niddle wbz newsradio 1030 it's overcast skies and 59 degrees sunday's on cds safeties than asia applies present mike pence starts off our broadcasting any advisor or anything the trump campaign had any contact with the russians who are trying to meddle in the election democratic leader nancy pelosi what are you tell democrats who want a new direction we sat down with defense secretary james mattis keeps you awake at night i keep other people away from on senator bernie sanders drug that is the very fact harsh tie my own opinion you can have here on a big but i wanna know europeans are the present united states the explanation john dickerson sunday's on cds all high al dukes here i am jerry recco and we host the post up on the show i always game paul show allen jerry's post game podcast john what that is is pretty much everything we didn't get to in the morning they'll this is me mainly stories about urinals of rats and outpouring studies lot of meltoff video games audio tres hands gaping really has.

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