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Alright again, my thanks to Dr Roger Klein, as well as to Dr Todd, who called in and I thought That was an interesting conversation. Let's um Let's move on to an entirely different subject, and that is the 13 individuals who in I guess Michigan, mostly but in other states have been charged in a Bizarre plot a bizarre plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan, the Democratic governor, Gretchen Wittner. Six were charged in federal court with conspiracy to kidnap the governor. In reaction. What she they viewed as her uncontrolled power. Now, all of this, All of this comes out of the way. Um Governor Whitman. As most governors including our own governor, Charlie Baker, have imposed limitations. Now, first of all, I would like to Play a sound bite of the ringleader. Who apparently, um, is no fan of Donald Trump. He's a right wing. I mean, real right wing. Wack. A doodle name is Brandon Caserta. So, Rob, Listen, played, Captain. Okay. Trump is not your friend dude. And it's It amazes me that people actually like, believe that when he's shown over and over and over again that he's a tyrant. Every single person that works for government is your enemy. So? So? So, this guy apparently was one of the ringleaders who was indicted in These are guys that like to run around in the woods with rifles, okay of guns or whatever explosives. I don't get it Love to know how much time they might have actually spent in the military suspect. In most cases, not little. Not much. Um, Governor Wittner was the subject of this plot. Why she became the subject of plot You do remember they had These these demonstrations at the Michigan State House and Lansing last April in which a lot of people showed up with their weapons on their hips or slung over their shoulders, which was a very disquieting A scene to observe and it seems to me that even in a state like Michigan, which I guess is a right to carry state When you have people showing up at the state house with automatic weapons over their shoulder. You wonder if you and I believe that they actually were able to come inside. The the Michigan State House. So the US attorney announced the charges yesterday and cut to rob Last night, the FBI And Michigan State police arrested six individuals charged in a federal complaint with conspiring to kidnap the governor of Michigan. Gretchen Whitmer. According to the complaint unsealed this morning, Adam Fox Very Croft tie Garbin. Caleb Frank's Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta conspired to kidnap the governor from her vacation home in the western District of Michigan before the number of her election. By the way, Brandon concert or was the guy you heard on the first sound bite of this segment? So I don't know how. Why you would even think That you could kidnap a governor. Who I assume like Massachusetts has State police protection. Um, if it is beyond me now, Governor Wittmer. Has somehow decided that she's going to blame Donald Trump for this. Because of his Unwillingness in her mind, Tio condemn. Hate groups Cut four Rub. Just last week, the president of the United States stood before the American people and refused to condemn awaits supremacists and hate groups. These two Michigan militia groups. Stand back and stand by, he told them. Stand back and stand by. Hate groups heard the president's words, not as a rebuke but is a railing cry is a call to action. Well, I don't know how she knows that. Okay? Andi, I think that she makes a mistake. It was the Trump Justice Department that brought the charges against these buffoons, And it was also the FBI AA, which is an arm of the Justice Department, which actually conducted the investigation. If I was Governor Whitner, I would be very thankful..

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