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He got in front of Max Domi, who went down Columbus to the power, Columbus, said two for three the other game, just looking at the game, she here and again, sometimes a little bit difficult Toe figure out what the call was. Patrick Lainey got five for fighting and a two minute minor penalty for interference, so he didn't get the instigator, just an interference penalty that was served by Stanley. Anyways, Columbus now gets there. First Power play chance. Like 19th. Overall, they've scored seven power play goals on the season. Three of those have come against the Blackhawks. No. The draw on the Hawks Zone one by the Jackets at considered the left point, Jones now in the high slot tack and some top of the left wing circle back to Jones. Jones, put it over the dough Me back to Atkinson, top of the left circle again. He fires and the Han blocked that one. Was puck taken by Domi near corner to Jones. Right Point toe. Atkinson top of the left circle, Nick Feli. No back in the net, put it around to Domi beside the right circle against the boards over to Jones with a one timer. Looks like a blanket and got the blocker on that, knocking it Why Keith will fling it through the air and down on Jones would go back and get the puck puck knocked out of the year by high stick. 56 seconds left in period number 11 Nothing. Columbus and the face awful originate in the Columbus sound of the right of corpus on that clearing attempt by Duncan. Keith, Don't be reached up and you're not a smart play by, don't mean you gotta take a face off in your own into the ice. Mr. Reactionary type of play. The Blackhawks get a little bit of a breather here with 56 a half on the clock. Lino and celebrate on the draw. Soderbergh wins it clean into Keith left point. Put it into the high slot there for Highmore. He had it stripped away by fully know when the jackets captain will put it behind his net. The Jones had to fully know the center ice lost the puck A Soderbergh who can't clear it out of the hot zone. Ross Olympics got it back into the hot zone down the right wing to the corner. He's definitely reaching in with a stick strips it away. Put it to the line kept in by Jones, the Domi beside the right circle. Put it over the left circle Atkinson centers and that's blocked and damming up to knock it out to center. Racist Soderbergh great play defensively by Soderberg. Where's Keith to loose Puck in the Hawk's own, drops it down the Lucas Carlsson beside the hawk net over to Keith and he'll rip it up the left wing side and down. Purpose. Ella stops the puck behind the Jackets net with nine seconds left. Jones will carry out Do Gawronski got it ahead to the hotline. Good. Rinko had to hold up. This is going to end the period. As the.

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