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But let's be real this was fun if they ever go back to making this game count they will be making a huge huge mistake there's an argument than maybe just me the fact that you would stop the sole out of the best part of baseball over the last that know thirteen years was evident you should have never been doing this at the first place think about when the decline started in terms of what people started to dislike of games to boring uh we don't really enjoy it that was what o3 the long era ended probably five years before that are so after the steroid stuff all blew up as decided everything had to get serious after that long game that ended in its at nahman that was the wrong decision everybody knows it now if i'm a baseball fan i'm not mad i'm not going to be angry about what happened in the past thirteen or fourteen years that's water under the bridge as far as i'm concerned because this was enough to bring me back more than enough to bring me back i thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's baseball game bryce harper out there having a full nfl break down in the middle of right field he's after talking about the dallas cowboys i asked them the do i mean you know i know that's a little bit off poor but it was funny he it was great of course i got to watch letterman nationals get together danny murphy was out there momentum mmos was out there of course mattress or started the game sweated through a hat because that's what he does price look good as well whole right side of the ball of the the field was faloma national.

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