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You're gonna want her and whatever remaining ships they have. And I still I know that you said that you weren't necessarily, you know, waiting pins and needles on this. But I do wanna see our and theon kill their until I wanna see that that I hope we get that before the end of this year. I mean, we have to write I don't think so I guess unless it's not them killing him. And that's one of been trying to come up with aria need huge kill in this last season trying to figure out who that huge kill is going to be. And I've kind of narrowed it down I was thinking, maybe it ends up being, you know, the mountain eventually. Yeah. But I guess you're. On would be a possibility for that. If we're assuming that, you know, sir, sees gotta get up by Jamie or Tyrian. You know, what I was just thinking to we did not get the conversation that Tyrian started with brand I wanted that so bad this a what I mean, there was no indication of where the conversation was going. I really wanted that conversation because how about the moment between lady more Mont Giora that actually. And then sure and San when I was talking about seasons. I are scenes I wanted to go a little bit longer. I wanted more between Leon Giora because that should have been a really interesting conversation based on what the relationship then between them. Well, they're faded them there. I know but their cousin. She wished him. Good luck. But that vision like the whole Mormon family hates geor-. Yeah. So the fact that Giora supported Tyrian last night in that way was just a bit of a reach considering that he so desperately wanted to be rand and wasn't there to be your hand? But especially. Given the mistakes like anybody that wanted to be against Tyrian has ample reason and reasons to do so now he's been wrong multiple times in a row here over the last season and a half. Yes. I don't know. I I love the episode last night now. And now, we get ready for we get ready for and eighty minute, you know, battle. Yeah. I do feel they telegraphed some of the dead like they went a little bit overboard with. All right here are the pairings probably one of in their talking about the future. Probably one of these people are going to die in the next episode. You had the gray war well Sunday, then you had the end by the way, they on and scientists. But the way the great worm and Masan basically saying when this things over let's get the hell out of this cold place that doesn't seem to like us very much. I'm guessing I mean, it wouldn't shock me. If both end up tying next episode based on what about also, we forgot to mention the little girl who was almost assure EM replica dob. Yes, I like that. Yeah. And Sam is going to SAM's gonna end up in the crypt with Gillian his well, he was he gave shortage or and in the last montage. You saw other with little Sam in the middle. I did actually like the little thing with because you now have John has the Mormon sword have Giora. Now has the tar Lee sword. It's this little interest in there. There you go. I mean, we we could go on and on if I mean hope I I love the sh- those shows. I mean, I think there have been a dozen no less than a dozen moments in this show over the last three seasons where you are just you're emotionally moved a little bit. I mean, I last night to me the best the best moment of the whole show..

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