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Room with mattie several the ohioans with the steeler power half hour. We have talking about on the cutting room floor with jeffrey bennett. It is exciting times here behind the curtain. And i am so happy to be captaining. This ship and i'm so happy. Also that the pittsburgh steelers will finally be playing a game even though it's meaningless and even though most of the players that we want to talk about won't even be playing. I'm so excited that there will be something to talk about some football to talk about. Because i think about last year in twenty twenty there was no preseason and i think that as fans and i fell into this trap as much as anyone else's probably listening to this. We kinda took preseason for granted we and didn't we always just save it says it's meaningless preseason games and what does it matter i get it. I said the same things. I would be there thinking. This is just pointless football. Why are we doing this. It's the same thing over and over again when in reality and hindsight's twenty twenty. Yeah i get it. The joke's said a million times but still when you look back and you say wow boy. The preseason is something that i actually missed it. I think about the twenty twenty draft class in the players that it is a stunner to me that the steelers out of the six players they drafted twenty twenty every single one of them. Didn't just make the team. Eventually against one brooks junior was cut signed to the practice squad and promoted and stayed on the team for the season but they all played. They all played in some way shape perform. It really was amazing. But i'm excited. I'm excited for this. Preseason and it just we had at my house. My new house still taken off wallpaper. Hate that stuff. More than life itself. Right now. And dave scofield brian. Anthony davis we had our annual and just happened to be the same exact day a our annual beat. Tse summit as we call it. And it's where we all get together and we kind of breakdown like hey. What's going to be happening this season. What's going to be happening this season in this season in we're able to talk about preseason games versus last year. The first game that we actually able to talk about was week one at the new york giants the early game in the monday night football doubleheader. I'm thinking about that. They know how crazy that is so for me. I'm just excited. I am excited. I'm sure you're excited to in what i decided to do this week is. I'm so excited. I really was thinking about topics to discuss and we talked about training camp last week and they had some great practices over the weekend. If you missed any of the news coming from those Training camp practice both were added by the way. Friday and saturday were padded practices. Back to back coach. T. doing his thing. You know how he does it. Go check out my recap podcast. My training camp recap podcast from friday and saturday only on our audio platforms or wherever you get your podcast find it. Listen to it and it will give you all the details from what happened over the weekend before i get started on the topics did it. I have to tell you what. I told dave and brian this when they were at my house i wish they would interview nausea harris every single week in the reason why they probably will if they're able to be in the locker room they can you think about how lasted i. I go back to the killer bees. They used interview antonio brown once a week. And yes that turned into a charade fiasco. But i love listening to najji harris talk. He's not only candid. He's very articulate. And he he is not hiding any information if he thinks it. He's gonna tell you if he thinks something can be better. He's going to tell you. He told a story that it is just kind of a quick sidebar. Here's the why. Love listening nausea. If you haven't heard this go check it out. But now she hears was talking about the blocking in front of him he was asked about. What's it like to you. Know not have the starting lineup ahead of you. The the players you're gonna be playing with our most likely they're out there. Kevin dotson hasn't practice much a banner hasn and even you know they'd given trae turner's and time off so all these players it's just been this jumbled up nash of offense of linemen and he told a story about how they were running. A drill is alive tackling drill in pat for came to najji after the planes at haven. I miss my block. I'm i'm sorry. And he's pat like look in. This is the way he's talking. And he's so articulate so excitable as a young man. That's excited to be there. He's a football junkie. he's a pat. Look if you miss your block and don't quit on the play go find your next guy and block him my to make the first guy miss it if i make him this. That means that you're going to be on a guy blocking down the play. We all make mistakes pat so next time you miss a block. Don't worry about it. Go find the next guy argument. I heard gosh i would. I listen to this kid all day. Just great yeah just seems like a great pick. I mean we have yet to see him play. And i'm not sure if we're going to see him play on thursday when they play the dallas cowboys. But i i tell you what i love. This kid love him. So i was excited about this upcoming game. We talked about training. And you know what. Let's let's go about players to watch. I'm gonna give you ten players to watch in this dealers versus cowboys hall of fame game now. I just want to make something very clear. When gonna give you five offense five defense and i'm going to give you players that i feel are going to be playing a significant number of snaps. So you're not going to see ben rothlisberger on this list. You're not gonna see cam hayward or stefan to tj water. Make if it's patrick. The probably won't even see juju. Smith schuster that much or deontay johnson. You're going to see these players. They're going to be on the list. So if you're someone that's like well who should. i actually be watching for. Who should i actually be saying when i sit down and watch his game. That's nationally televised on thursday. Who are the players. It should be keeping an eye out. Let's talk about it here. We go offense. I think you have to start here in. This is in no particular order. Mind you. I just give five players. I just did five plays the first kendrick green kendrick green the third round pick from illinois. He is getting the start at center. What do you want to look for when you're watching center. The first thing in the most obvious thing in the most glaring issue that can happen with center are bad snaps. And if there's a bad snap that's a problem. That's a really really big problem and it's a problem. The kindergarten is had multiple times so far this training camp. He and ben rothlisberger have had some botch snaps. Roethlisberger's handle a couple of wild snaps in the shotgun but still there's there's earning out some kings. I am not here to tell you that. Kendrick awful The kindergarten can't do the job. We just wanna see what he can do when he has someone up opposite him. That's not wearing black and gold so kendra green also keep an eye on kindergartens mobility kendrick. Green is considered in was considering. I still think is the was the most athletic center in this past draft class in twenty twenty one in even more athletic than players that were drafted well above him in the second round. So when you look when you're watching kendrick green. If the snaps are fine keep an eye on him on the interior on run plays. Do they pull them. Bees to pull marquees penalty when he was younger. Does he get to that second level. How physical whizzy is he bringing. That nastiness those are all things you can watch for. Kendrick street next is another rookie. Fourth round pick. Dan moore junior tackle. He is a guy. That's been kind of feisty training camp he's got into a couple scuffles will put it that way one with Is am bugs. Which was no surprise isaiah bugs nauseating white who wrote for the white race for the website degrade article last week about is aa. Bugs has always been a fighter not so much You know literally but figuratively and so for him. You're looking at show. Hey dan moore junior. He's got a little chip even though it's on isaiah does anyone after kim hayward now that's not the smartest decision ever in terms of business decisions. That wasn't the best decision. But i wanna see dame more junior. Is he quality depth tackle or is he just another developmental project. That's what i want to see. If he could turn out to be a guy that could be the extra tight and if they do that mind you. That was a rainy feeder thing..

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