River Ganges, Narendra Modi, Cameroon discussed on BBC Newshour


The dumping of waste within five hundred meters of a major stretch of the river ganges is ju on the giving this latest pam sounds comprehensive no dumping if any way snai the banks again jeez and the relocation of hundreds of highly polluting ng tanneries within six weeks much will depend on implementation the dismal state of the gan is an emotive political and religious issue hindus rufiah the river often cold mother when the current prime minister narendra modi came to office he allocated several billion dollars to cleanup campaign that critics say fast amount of untreated waste and sewage still contaminate the waters every day security officials say at least twelve people have been killed and dozens wounded in a double suicide attack in northern cameroon the bombers struck a crowded area in the town of watsa near the nigerian border the islamist group broker harambe is active in the area about a quarter of a million cameroonians have fled their homes due to repeated attacks world news from the bbc this is wnyc in new york good morning i'm richard hake it's 9o for the corruption conviction of former new york state assembly speaker sheldon silver has been overturned the new york times is reporting that the second circuit us court of appeals concluded that a supreme court decision last year narrowed the deafening shen of official behavior that can be ruled corrupt too tightly to uphold silver's conviction prosecutors can now seek a new trial the.

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