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A girl? People daughter going to stay in the car during this car wash. We got that question really. Well Yeah I can just remember the grungy shorts and the big black boots with crummy old teacher. I my own yet. Combat Bible verses on the my drew pictures severed heads and things like that. He was into the the the High School newspaper drawing cartoons and got in trouble for a couple of those of those they were all about. What was that that you were the severed heads in our Asian things. I made a whole series of jokes about animals with who just all these jokes where like. A dog is catching frisbee. Making his head. Come off for like a cat is scratching drapes but its arms are still stuck in the drapes and the cats on the ground like oh mom show off so this was a prelude to your biblical nest in has there were severed heads in the Bible and the Bible I pursue. Yeah he uses these skills to this day to draw severed things on the Babylon be. So that's right. Do we still have any of these comics. Diane or have a book of them. I think I haven't my site. Maybe you're all give you sign up for my patriotic. We'll get a you get one of them like a digital. We added a bunch of those. Yeah yeah a couple of different bands started bands and they played here. I'm up at least once a month because I lived in the garage..

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